Stylish Fireplaces that are Adulting

Welcome to where the grown ups live. From contemporary to traditional, these fireplaces are on FIYAH, functioning or not.  Fireplaces are always a feature to be emphasized, something these space creators have embraced.  Let us walk in your fireplace dreams: Eclectic Living Room by Chicago Photographers Cynthia Lynn Photography text Traditional Living Room by Austin Architects &Read more

Bar Cart Stylin’

Bar carts are a newish accessory that just won’t quit. Both functional and fabulous, the bar cart wheels around my favorite things: style and alcohol. YAAAAS! Another added bonus, organization. Yes, this stylin’ beauty brings order and is a perfect solution to display your favorite objects that may be gathering dust (this includes us ApartmentRead more

An Oldie But Goodie: The Secretary Desk

Did you know that so many solutions could come in one piece of furniture? No? OK, well I will tell you all about it! The Secretary Desk has been around since the 18th century and comes from the Latin word for “writer,” secretarius, which gives us the title “secretary.” HISTORY YO!  This little baby serves manyRead more

15 Killer Home Bars

A bar: “Where everybody knows your name.” My fondness for these establishments, particularly the cozy pubs in NYC, cannot be measured (although maybe in drinks consumed). If I’m being completely honest, I’m not intrigued by the surrounding strangers ranging from “woohoo” gals to creepy prep guys (depending on where you go). I like catching up withRead more