The Case for the Stone Fireplace

In a frozen New York City, where any inch of you that has escaped the bed covers is freezing…. it’s easy to dream of a properly heated home with a bomb ass fireplace.  I used to think hulking, natural stone fireplaces were only for outdated lodges or usually adorned with the dead animal heads shot byRead more

Lovely Living Rooms in Blue & White

While I wait out apartment life and daydream about decorating my future, hopefully slightly larger space, I have reached only one certain conclusion: the living/family area will be decked out in blue and white. In fact, unable to contain myself I’ve already made purchases like this bowl, this vase, this rug and this desk feeling confident with thisRead more

The Sophisticated Coffee Table

Organizing and styling your coffee table is a great and important decorating activity. Cast out the clutter and pick some distinct pieces that are both stylish and practical to have in constant reach whether you are hosting a party or relaxing on a lazy Sunday. Make sure you strike a solid balance between decor and necessary objects.  The bestRead more

In Living Color

From fireworks of color to sparklers, these vibrant rooms make a splash. With either white walls supporting punchy pops of accessories to walls of all out tones, these spaces are packed with creative color. Neons, pinks, teals, all hues are accepted here. No color palette or funky pattern is forbidden. If you are feeling these spaces, embrace your bold self.Read more

25 Cool & Coastal Living Spaces

For that beach home you have been wanting… coastal style is the way to go. And we are not talking about the tchotchkes kind of beach house, this is stylish sophistication. The genre emphasizes those traits imperative to transportive relaxation: cool, breezy and simply rustic.   Cool: coastal style typical draws on soft blues within a pastel palette with touchesRead more

20 Eclectic Living Rooms Nailing Pattern

Strategically placed patterns can bring bold impact to any space. A beautifully upholstered chair or abstract painting is a great place to start. Statement pieces have power and should be used wisely striking the careful balance between visual appeal and visual implosion.  The trick is balance. Understand your confidence level on the spectrum: If you areRead more

Resolution: The Organized, Color-Coded Bookcase

As 2016 rapidly approaches, it is time to get organized for the new year. For an easy, snappy project; color code your most treasured possessions, YASSS your books! Color coding not only beefs up you organization game, it also drives mad visual appeal. If you are like me, you read books over and over (and oftentimesRead more