Topical Trends: Subway Tile

From mariachi bands and poetry slams to breastfeeding and nail clipping, one can really never forget what they witness on the New York subway. I have seen every bodily fluid under the sun, from drunken vom to the guy peeing between train cars. There is a reason I have become terrified of germs, habitually coating myself inRead more

Topical Trends: Open Shelving

Whether you are a homeowner or renter, open shelving is a great way to organize, occupy unused or awkward wall space and bring your favorite decorative accessories into the light. Select and show off your favorite kitchenware and serve ware that would otherwise be gathering dust.  Let us jump into possible different looks: Streamlined Chic: If you wantRead more

Delicious Breakfast Nooks

There are certain wonders of life New York has taught me to appreciate, like take-out, Indian food and brunch (all food related obviously) oh and public transportation (which is drinking related). Breakfast food around here reigns supreme through bagels overflowing with amazing cream cheese or divine, melty breakfast sandwiches, killer diners with meals under $7 andRead more