Topical Trend: The White & Wood Kitchen

There is a fresh, new trend spreading rapidly across the interior design scene found particularly in transitional-style kitchens and I am a fan. The amalgum of natural wood contrasted against gleaming white surfaces has become a fast growing approach to the kitchens of today. Spotted mostly in kitchen islands, wood is the new popular foundation forRead more

The Top 20 Industrial Kitchens

I have come to appreciate the merits of industrial style and these kitchens clearly show why. If you want a quick brush up on industrial style, click HERE. Let us review the prevalent motifs: Architectural Details: Structural elements like piping, steel beams and ventilation are often exposed. Spaces are sweeping to accommodate open layouts which typically sport a warehouse feel. Read more

Kitchens with Modern Farmhouse Appeal

So you are a fan of farmhouse style? But maybe you are not ready to wholeheartedly embrace the pictures of cows, pigs, chickens and the red/white checker pattern that historically has come with it. The kitchen is the perfect place for gathering among an inviting, country but also current vibe. Let us quickly review some designRead more

The Fun & Flirty Kitchen

WHY SO SERIOUSSSS? Your design style should embrace your spunk and these kitchens certainly have a lot to say. These spaces are fabulously fun and feminine. If you are digging this vibe (like I do) and want some pointers on where to start, these are the elements to consider: Lighting: Often overlooked but such a critical part of anyRead more

Topical Trends: The Acrylic Island

Sometimes the kitchen counter can be a hard spot to style. Kitchens have a common tendency to mix many materials and finishes as is. Owners opt for a variety of wood colors from the counters to the island so choosing the right material for kitchen stools can seem tough. Enter acrylic, the perfect choice and adaptable to anyRead more

Pantry Porn: 25 Gorgeous Pantries

The pantry is arguably the most important space of any home because food is in it (obviously). Just because this area is typically off the radar, doesn’t mean it deserves no love. The pantry is a wonderful amalgam of design and organization opportunity.  A pantry should be pretty, practical and hardworking. Whether designed to be incognito orRead more

Brick Backdrops: A Rugged Kitchen Touch

Brick: a historic, urban look that homeowners/renters steer clear of in the kitchen, afraid that such a beautiful back splash would be impossible to clean. People begin to imagine greasy, spotted masonry behind their counters. Well it’s not true! All you need is one part vinegar and five parts water, grab a stiff-bristled brush and you’reRead more

Cabinet Color: Go Green

Let’s be real. The days of plain pine and oak cabinetry are outdated and long gone. Today, designers incorporate kitchen color and not in a ’70’s retro style way, but to draw contrast and bring cohesive style. Maybe you are drawn to natural wood finishes? Great, these can still be incorporated in different ways through furniture, paintingRead more