25 Beautifully Rustic Bathrooms

The resurgence of rustic style is fitting considering the genre focuses on embracing the earth and your resilient spirit. People want to feel comfortable in their own homes and there is no cozier look.  Today rustic is more glamorous than ever. Distressed ceiling beams and toasty fires in stone hearths meld with chandeliers and sheepskin rugs;Read more

Cabinet Color: Go Green

Let’s be real. The days of plain pine and oak cabinetry are outdated and long gone. Today, designers incorporate kitchen color and not in a ’70’s retro style way, but to draw contrast and bring cohesive style. Maybe you are drawn to natural wood finishes? Great, these can still be incorporated in different ways through furniture, paintingRead more

Topical Trends: Subway Tile

From mariachi bands and poetry slams to breastfeeding and nail clipping, one can really never forget what they witness on the New York subway. I have seen every bodily fluid under the sun, from drunken vom to the guy peeing between train cars. There is a reason I have become terrified of germs, habitually coating myself inRead more