Kitchens with Modern Farmhouse Appeal

So you are a fan of farmhouse style? But maybe you are not ready to wholeheartedly embrace the pictures of cows, pigs, chickens and the red/white checker pattern that historically has come with it. The kitchen is the perfect place for gathering among an inviting, country but also current vibe. Let us quickly review some designRead more

Owning Indoor/Outdoor Flow

If you have a knack for entertaining at your house, listen up! Nailing indoor/outdoor flow means you can instantly expand your space meaning more room to party! Here are some critical tips to winning indoor/outdoor flow: Plan an open floor plan. Isn’t it hilarious we have reached the age where we must consider such things? Well considerRead more

Patterns Down Pat: Plaid

Plaid is the unexpected, old soul of patterns that you didn’t know you loved yet (or maybe you do). Originally referred to as “tartan” by its founding Scottish clansman fathers, “plaid” comes from the Gaelic word “plaide” meaning “blanket.” Outlander anybody? Rooted in rich, ancient history, plaid rejects the preppy patterns of the day such as chevronRead more

The Fun & Flirty Kitchen

WHY SO SERIOUSSSS? Your design style should embrace your spunk and these kitchens certainly have a lot to say. These spaces are fabulously fun and feminine. If you are digging this vibe (like I do) and want some pointers on where to start, these are the elements to consider: Lighting: Often overlooked but such a critical part of anyRead more

The Sophisticated Coffee Table

Organizing and styling your coffee table is a great and important decorating activity. Cast out the clutter and pick some distinct pieces that are both stylish and practical to have in constant reach whether you are hosting a party or relaxing on a lazy Sunday. Make sure you strike a solid balance between decor and necessary objects.  The bestRead more

Introducing Organic Style

There is a new style genre in town. Organic style has emerged, injecting a fresh feel through simplicity, light and nature melding earthly elements with human habitation. In this genre, Shabby-Chic, Modern, Bohemian and even Scandinavian touches can all mingle and thrive, but overall, spaces seem Coastal and Rustic.  Rooms should feel open and breezy, and typical come in shadesRead more