Topical Trends: Chinoiserie Walls

What does it mean, Precious!? Chinoiserie is a french term from the 17 century, meaning “Chinese-esque”referring to Chinese design influences. As the trade market developed and progressed in East Asia, Europeans conjured imaginative interpretations of Chinese life. These fanciful stories and embellished designs manifested into interior design through art, ceramics, furniture, prints and textiles. Whimsical ChineseRead more

Topical Trends: Open Shelving

Whether you are a homeowner or renter, open shelving is a great way to organize, occupy unused or awkward wall space and bring your favorite decorative accessories into the light. Select and show off your favorite kitchenware and serve ware that would otherwise be gathering dust.  Let us jump into possible different looks: Streamlined Chic: If you wantRead more

Topical Trends: Over The Black Wall Barrier

Black walls have a bad rap. People associate the darkest hue with vampires, shadows, doom and gloom, but this color that absorbs all other colors is making a comeback. Black adds unexpected sophistication and induces instant visual drama. Lately, black is killing it.  Typically, people shy away from black, feeling it makes a space feel small.Read more