Topical Trend: The White & Wood Kitchen

There is a fresh, new trend spreading rapidly across the interior design scene found particularly in transitional-style kitchens and I am a fan. The amalgum of natural wood contrasted against gleaming white surfaces has become a fast growing approach to the kitchens of today. Spotted mostly in kitchen islands, wood is the new popular foundation forRead more

Lately Caramel Leather is On Point

Winter is coming! And you know what that means (maybe)…Thoughts of sugar plumbs and redecorating dance in your stir-crazy head as you huddle inside against the cold, cruel world. Consider caramel leather. It presents a rich, masculine sophistication but with a slightly modern vibe. Want some inspiration to drool over? These suggestions would be great for introducing some caramelRead more

Patterns Down Pat: Plaid

Plaid is the unexpected, old soul of patterns that you didn’t know you loved yet (or maybe you do). Originally referred to as “tartan” by its founding Scottish clansman fathers, “plaid” comes from the Gaelic word “plaide” meaning “blanket.” Outlander anybody? Rooted in rich, ancient history, plaid rejects the preppy patterns of the day such as chevronRead more

Topical Trends: The Acrylic Island

Sometimes the kitchen counter can be a hard spot to style. Kitchens have a common tendency to mix many materials and finishes as is. Owners opt for a variety of wood colors from the counters to the island so choosing the right material for kitchen stools can seem tough. Enter acrylic, the perfect choice and adaptable to anyRead more

Topical Trends: The Indoor/Outdoor Bar

The indoor/outdoor bar must be what dreams are made of. A new trend is sweeping the interior design/architecture industry and this is a good one. The indoor/outdoor bar makes our drinks more accessible = win = #lifegoals.   So if you are rich or happen to have a huge window in your kitchen ready for conversion,Read more

Topical Trends: Subway Tile

From mariachi bands and poetry slams to breastfeeding and nail clipping, one can really never forget what they witness on the New York subway. I have seen every bodily fluid under the sun, from drunken vom to the guy peeing between train cars. There is a reason I have become terrified of germs, habitually coating myself inRead more