The Transitional + Rustic Bedroom

It seems that recently in today’s design world, homeowners are succumbing to their wild sides with glorious rustic room touches. Using reclaimed barn wood or installing rustic ceiling beams no longer just applies to your basic log cabin look. The overall outcome is a crafted blend of transitional and rustic design styles which equates to chic and cozy greatness ideal forRead more

Kitchens with Modern Farmhouse Appeal

So you are a fan of farmhouse style? But maybe you are not ready to wholeheartedly embrace the pictures of cows, pigs, chickens and the red/white checker pattern that historically has come with it. The kitchen is the perfect place for gathering among an inviting, country but also current vibe. Let us quickly review some designRead more

Owning Indoor/Outdoor Flow

If you have a knack for entertaining at your house, listen up! Nailing indoor/outdoor flow means you can instantly expand your space meaning more room to party! Here are some critical tips to winning indoor/outdoor flow: Plan an open floor plan. Isn’t it hilarious we have reached the age where we must consider such things? Well considerRead more

The Fun & Flirty Kitchen

WHY SO SERIOUSSSS? Your design style should embrace your spunk and these kitchens certainly have a lot to say. These spaces are fabulously fun and feminine. If you are digging this vibe (like I do) and want some pointers on where to start, these are the elements to consider: Lighting: Often overlooked but such a critical part of anyRead more

The Sophisticated Coffee Table

Organizing and styling your coffee table is a great and important decorating activity. Cast out the clutter and pick some distinct pieces that are both stylish and practical to have in constant reach whether you are hosting a party or relaxing on a lazy Sunday. Make sure you strike a solid balance between decor and necessary objects.  The bestRead more

BookShelf Styling Tricks

Maybe you are not using your shelves for books (no judgement, I have Netflix too), but there are some definite tricks and tips for a well-styled bookshelf. Some people go ham on their bookshelves and use them as a hoarders paradise. Avoid this trap, bring order and incorporate your style on your shelves.  Best practices for stylingRead more

#Desk Goals: The Chic Workspace

Perhaps you are like me and get excited over work space organizing (my salivary glands are engaging just thinking about it). These home office spaces are the best of the best (this has to be in my top 5 favorite posts…I am that excited).  How do you create a chic work space of your very own? LetRead more

Craft Room Craft: Bring Order to Your Obession

Perhaps it’s because we admire the times of our grandparents, builders with a relentless ethic, or our resounding love of design, but I believe our generation is a very DIY-oriented generation. We like making things with our hands and challenging our brains, valuing creativity. It was Maya Angelou who said “You can’t use up creativity. TheRead more

Resolution: The Organized, Color-Coded Bookcase

As 2016 rapidly approaches, it is time to get organized for the new year. For an easy, snappy project; color code your most treasured possessions, YASSS your books! Color coding not only beefs up you organization game, it also drives mad visual appeal. If you are like me, you read books over and over (and oftentimesRead more