22 Killer Courtyards

An outdoor space enclosed by at least three walls characterizes a courtyard which is a rare, structural treat, but can be a tricky space to get right. Courtyards are precarious beasts and at the very worst can feel cramped, unwelcome, dark and damp. If you are lucky enough to have a courtyard, stick to a few design tricks:  SunlightRead more

Owning Indoor/Outdoor Flow

If you have a knack for entertaining at your house, listen up! Nailing indoor/outdoor flow means you can instantly expand your space meaning more room to party! Here are some critical tips to winning indoor/outdoor flow: Plan an open floor plan. Isn’t it hilarious we have reached the age where we must consider such things? Well considerRead more

Your Best Backyard Brunch

In this city, a few things are highly coveted by its residents. Subway seats, cute/comfy hybrid footwear and good ‘ole brunch. I mean people around here are serious about their brunching…and bagels (but that’s another delicious story). It is all about the drinks, Eggs Bennie’s and the ambiance and these restaurants KNOW IT!  The bestRead more

The Modern Outdoors

There is something to the amalgam of green spaces against a fabulous backdrop of modern architecture. Something about the killer contrast that causes quite the dazzling effect.  Glass, stone, wood and steel are all on the table for these cubist style structures. Modern landscapes tend to stress green plants and shrubs over flowers, colors schemes areRead more

Topical Trends: The Indoor/Outdoor Bar

The indoor/outdoor bar must be what dreams are made of. A new trend is sweeping the interior design/architecture industry and this is a good one. The indoor/outdoor bar makes our drinks more accessible = win = #lifegoals.   So if you are rich or happen to have a huge window in your kitchen ready for conversion,Read more

Amazing Asian Inspired Gardens

Perhaps because they are so strongly rooted in tradition, Japanese/Zen/Asian-inspired gardens tend to feel, at the very least, transporting. These gardens rely on three things: First, the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, a principle focused on finding beauty in the imperfect, incomplete and humble. This aesthetic is practiced through clean lines, space repetition and purposeful placement, such as strategically-placedRead more