Closets With A Little Somethin’ Extra

If you appreciate interior design, it’s not a long shot that you may also have a deep respect for fashion… I mean all those quality materials and textiles AMIRITE??? These dream closets are designed as a true escape, a place to really get lost in the surrounding clothing and accessories.   So, what do all ofRead more

The Best Coastal Entryways

Coastal style is ideal for an entryway due to its open, airy and orderly feel. For a quick overview on coastal style, brush up here.   For a beachy vibe, consider the following: Nautical-inspired accessories like seas shells, coral, rope, knots and lanterns are quintessential, driftwood is also exemplary Gentle sea hues of light blues or greens andRead more

The Sophisticated Coffee Table

Organizing and styling your coffee table is a great and important decorating activity. Cast out the clutter and pick some distinct pieces that are both stylish and practical to have in constant reach whether you are hosting a party or relaxing on a lazy Sunday. Make sure you strike a solid balance between decor and necessary objects.  The bestRead more

Pantry Porn: 25 Gorgeous Pantries

The pantry is arguably the most important space of any home because food is in it (obviously). Just because this area is typically off the radar, doesn’t mean it deserves no love. The pantry is a wonderful amalgam of design and organization opportunity.  A pantry should be pretty, practical and hardworking. Whether designed to be incognito orRead more

#Desk Goals: The Chic Workspace

Perhaps you are like me and get excited over work space organizing (my salivary glands are engaging just thinking about it). These home office spaces are the best of the best (this has to be in my top 5 favorite posts…I am that excited).  How do you create a chic work space of your very own? LetRead more

Craft Room Craft: Bring Order to Your Obession

Perhaps it’s because we admire the times of our grandparents, builders with a relentless ethic, or our resounding love of design, but I believe our generation is a very DIY-oriented generation. We like making things with our hands and challenging our brains, valuing creativity. It was Maya Angelou who said “You can’t use up creativity. TheRead more

Resolution: The Organized, Color-Coded Bookcase

As 2016 rapidly approaches, it is time to get organized for the new year. For an easy, snappy project; color code your most treasured possessions, YASSS your books! Color coding not only beefs up you organization game, it also drives mad visual appeal. If you are like me, you read books over and over (and oftentimesRead more

Topical Trends: Open Shelving

Whether you are a homeowner or renter, open shelving is a great way to organize, occupy unused or awkward wall space and bring your favorite decorative accessories into the light. Select and show off your favorite kitchenware and serve ware that would otherwise be gathering dust.  Let us jump into possible different looks: Streamlined Chic: If you wantRead more

The Chic, Organized, DIY Laundry Room

Whether you inhabit a home or an apartment, your laundry area requires strong organizational game for practicality and visual appeal. Apartment dwellers, use these tricks throughout your small spaces. We shall now discuss tips and tricks for best results to achieve maximum eye candy + efficiency value in your laundry space and do them all yourself!  Check out these 8 easy,Read more

These Futuristic Wine Cellars Will Knock Your Socks Off

These are more like high security vaults than wine cellars, but you know… protect your priorities! Hide wine in secret cupboards, glass cases, hidden lairs or winding hallways. James Bond could absolutely live in everyone of these space “Shaken not stirred…” if only he was a wino. Let us dive in to these gorgeous, futuristic wineRead more