40 BA Contemporary Pools To Blow Your Mind

There is something about the sleek, polished look of contemporary style that appropriately suits a good pool. The 90-degree angles, the clean lines, the reflecting water… imagine taking a dip in these babies. Here are some pools only fitting for that dream home in your head:  Contemporary Pool by Charleston Architects & Building Designers The AndersonRead more

A Surfer’s Dream: A Wave of 50 Rad Outdoor Showers

Yo BRAH! Time to check out 50 sick outdoor showers to wash away the sand that follows you for DAYzzz….What’s that pouring from your bathing suit, what’s that in your britches and what are those tiny bumps in your sheets at night? SAND, gnarly dude. Whether you are grubbing, paddlepussing, kick flipping or hanging ten, youRead more

Some BA Nursery Inspiration

Welcome to that awkward time in your life where some of your friends are grindin’ and bar-hoppin’ as singles, others are getting engaged or married, and some are having…..BABIES!  Babies, those chubby, moving, squalling things that you have to not break or screw up as they grow and develop in this harsh, cruel world. Today,Read more

15 Killer Home Bars

A bar: “Where everybody knows your name.” My fondness for these establishments, particularly the cozy pubs in NYC, cannot be measured (although maybe in drinks consumed). If I’m being completely honest, I’m not intrigued by the surrounding strangers ranging from “woohoo” gals to creepy prep guys (depending on where you go). I like catching up withRead more