Introducing Organic Style

There is a new style genre in town. Organic style has emerged, injecting a fresh feel through simplicity, light and nature melding earthly elements with human habitation. In this genre, Shabby-Chic, Modern, Bohemian and even Scandinavian touches can all mingle and thrive, but overall, spaces seem Coastal and Rustic.  Rooms should feel open and breezy, and typical come in shadesRead more

Establish Your Style Series: Asian-Inspired

No other interior style genre is as symbolic or transportive as Asian-inspired style, giving it a powerful presence intended to rejuvenate and revitalize. Asian style reached us from places like Japan and even Bali, Indonesia and Thailand (where the genre is less formal).  No longer will home owners and renters wait until that highly coveted massage appointmentRead more

Establish Your Style Series: Transitional

Transitional style marries Modern and Traditional style elements. Modern can be cold and Traditional can be stuffy, Transitional strikes the balance between them. Transitional style is light, warm and welcoming dotted with nods to culture and color all in perfect harmony.  The mass majority of photos on the inter webs today showcase Transitional spaces, perhaps the most prevalent genreRead more

Establish Your Style Series: Farmhouse

Get your triangle bell ready y’all because we are going country! Farmhouse style, similar to coastal style, has evolved over the years and what it has become is quite dreamy. This all-american style has transformed into some modernly-rustic spaces that bring on the charm. So get your grits and bacon ready.  Let us explore. Tip#1: FollowRead more

Establish Your Style Series: Craftsman

This one goes out to all you DIY souls who cling to your organizational ways. Craftsman style, sometimes referred to as Arts and Crafts style, operates under a narrow set of guidelines through the art of carpentry and craftsmanship. Craftsman style elevates natural beauty, rejecting its predecessor, The Victorian Era, which was whiny and factory-produced.  A “craftsman” home hasRead more

Establish Your Style Series: Shabby Chic

Maybe when you were young, you were fascinated by woodland fairies and Tinker Bell. Shabby Chic IS Tinker Bell style. There is something whimsical about this decorating genre. It celebrates incongruity drawing from many styles, old treasures and imperfection. Shabby Chic is fresh, unassuming and humble and is sometimes synonymous with Cottage style.  Let us exploreRead more

Establish Your Style Series: Mediterranean

It’s time to put an emphasis on all things resembling sparking sea, shining sunsets and cloudless skies. Mediterranean style evokes the local landscape through earthy tones and rustic elements, originating from Spanish Colonial style (think cozy seaside villas). Mediterranean can be a tricky style to achieve. Err on the side of caution, you want your space toRead more

Establish Your Style Series: Rustic

It’s time to connect with your pioneer pastime and natural side. Maybe your ideal getaway is a cozy cabin in the woods amid picturesque mountains and winding forest streams…welcome to rustic style (one of my faves).  Rustic style revolves around embracing the past and connecting to your roots. Elements of design are simple, unpretentious and evoke aRead more