Topical Trend: The White & Wood Kitchen

There is a fresh, new trend spreading rapidly across the interior design scene found particularly in transitional-style kitchens and I am a fan. The amalgum of natural wood contrasted against gleaming white surfaces has become a fast growing approach to the kitchens of today. Spotted mostly in kitchen islands, wood is the new popular foundation forRead more

The Case for the Stone Fireplace

In a frozen New York City, where any inch of you that has escaped the bed covers is freezing…. it’s easy to dream of a properly heated home with a bomb ass fireplace.  I used to think hulking, natural stone fireplaces were only for outdated lodges or usually adorned with the dead animal heads shot byRead more

The Black + White Dining Room

No color combination is more classic, bold or versatile than black and white; a killer pair that inspires drama and an endless possibility of looks. Your dining room is the perfect place to amp up the formality and take some daring design risks. Tread carefully though. Although these two mingle amazingly together, sometimes a space in exclusively black andRead more

Closets With A Little Somethin’ Extra

If you appreciate interior design, it’s not a long shot that you may also have a deep respect for fashion… I mean all those quality materials and textiles AMIRITE??? These dream closets are designed as a true escape, a place to really get lost in the surrounding clothing and accessories.   So, what do all ofRead more