22 Killer Courtyards

An outdoor space enclosed by at least three walls characterizes a courtyard which is a rare, structural treat, but can be a tricky space to get right. Courtyards are precarious beasts and at the very worst can feel cramped, unwelcome, dark and damp. If you are lucky enough to have a courtyard, stick to a few design tricks:  SunlightRead more

BookShelf Styling Tricks

Maybe you are not using your shelves for books (no judgement, I have Netflix too), but there are some definite tricks and tips for a well-styled bookshelf. Some people go ham on their bookshelves and use them as a hoarders paradise. Avoid this trap, bring order and incorporate your style on your shelves.  Best practices for stylingRead more

Brick Backdrops: A Rugged Kitchen Touch

Brick: a historic, urban look that homeowners/renters steer clear of in the kitchen, afraid that such a beautiful back splash would be impossible to clean. People begin to imagine greasy, spotted masonry behind their counters. Well it’s not true! All you need is one part vinegar and five parts water, grab a stiff-bristled brush and you’reRead more

20 Eclectic Living Rooms Nailing Pattern

Strategically placed patterns can bring bold impact to any space. A beautifully upholstered chair or abstract painting is a great place to start. Statement pieces have power and should be used wisely striking the careful balance between visual appeal and visual implosion.  The trick is balance. Understand your confidence level on the spectrum: If you areRead more

#Desk Goals: The Chic Workspace

Perhaps you are like me and get excited over work space organizing (my salivary glands are engaging just thinking about it). These home office spaces are the best of the best (this has to be in my top 5 favorite posts…I am that excited).  How do you create a chic work space of your very own? LetRead more