Maybe you are like me; perusing the web, backing up ideas of your ideal home to a board or something of the sort, as you drool slightly. United we salivate together.

My passion for home decor and design started at an early age. One of my favorite hobbies was to sketch floor plans as I thumbed through architecture magazines. I was a weird kid.

Now, I am just a girl from Ohio trying to find her way in New York City. I moved here a few years ago and have discovered this place is never dull. I am slowly becoming desensitized to things such as: bearing witness to people reliving themselves in an array of places and fascinatingly creative ways, pigeons who know no fear, the craziest little bathroom sinks, the sporting of curly vaudeville-inspired mustaches, etc.

I live in Crown Heights, Brooklyn turning to this blog to help satiate my hunger for home decor and design since I have nowhere to put anything. This is how I am coping with cramped living.  🙁

So welcome to this quirky, little blog where I hope to inspire you and occasionally may coax a cheap laugh out of you or a few eyebrow raises. Both are equally acceptable.


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