15 Living Room Bathrooms

“Alfred Pennyworth, bring me some caviar to eat before I soak! On the double!” This could be you shouting at your butler while you lounge in the living area of your bathroom, sipping Rose with an upturned pinky.

Yes, a bathroom with an area to relax. These bathrooms are not like real bathrooms. No more laying down on the bathroom floor after a night of drinking. Lay on your bathroom couch instead. Check out these 15 bathrooms in disguise:

Victorian Bathroom by London Interior Designers & Decorators Alidad Ltd & Studio Alidad

This chic, Victorian style bath extends the homey feels with the bar cart for toiletries, floor-length windows and a heavily decorated mantle over a fireplace. 

Midcentury Bathroom by Orland Park Tile, Stone & Countertops American Import Tiles, Ltd

Optical illusion……where does the floor end and the wall begin? This stately bathroom is open and luxurious. 

Eclectic Bathroom by Hoboken Real Estate Agents Hudson Place Realty

This bathroom focuses not on polish but sentiment. I love the personal feeling in this room with the animated shelving, barn doors and the tub (which could be a huge lima bean, we will never know). 

Transitional Bathroom by London Interior Designers & Decorators Cochrane Design

This traditional bathroom is airy, large and light. How can you not dig the enormous, tufted ottoman? 

Traditional Bathroom by Millbrook Architects & Building Designers Crisp Architects

Country and traditional with a twist. The plaid upholstery and window treatments make this bathroom feel like an all out family room. 

Contemporary Bedroom by Nashville Interior Designers & Decorators Amelie de Gaulle Interiors

This long, narrow space does cool work with the Asian-inspired bathroom. The bed to bath transition does not skip a beat. 

Contemporary Bathroom by East Anglia Interior Designers & Decorators Oliver Burns

And on our right hand side we see a glass encased shower, on our left we see this glass enclosed……toilet? Awesome. 

Eclectic Bathroom by Sydney Home Stagers Mr Jason Grant

Though it is not a huge space, it still feels spacious and defies traditional bathroom layouts. I love how this space mixes in vintage pieces for a classy yet rustic look. 

Victorian Bathroom by London Architects & Building Designers STEPHEN FLETCHER ARCHITECTS

How homey! The brick fireplace is what takes this bathroom beyond, but the pop of red and brushed silver bath does not hurt either. 

Bathroom by Scottsdale Interior Designers & Decorators Fratantoni Interior Designers

Maybe you are more into the tans of California style. This is the living room bathroom for you complete with the coolest chaise lounge design ever and cheetah pillow and throw. 

Eclectic Bathroom by Providence Interior Designers & Decorators Kate Jackson Design

A living room bathroom does not have to be huge. The armchair, side table and oriental runner give this space the homes feel. 

Transitional Bathroom by New York Interior Designers & Decorators Pleasant Living, LLC

The large, window arrangement, floor-length curtains and light fixture give this bathroom a sleek living room look. 

Mediterranean Bathroom by Bayport Kitchen & Bath Fixtures Blackman Plumbing Supply

This color is a win and everywhere. The logged up fireplace, the tub in the center of the room, the curtains and wallpaper, so much comfort. 

Traditional Bathroom by Paducah Interior Designers & Decorators Kenn Gray Design

Who says glass blocks went out of style? The tub is almost hidden in what appears to be a huge, tiled family room. So much upholstery….in a BATHROOM. Yes. 

Contemporary Bathroom by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Candace Barnes

And last but certainly not least, the most fun, quirky bathroom ever. Eat your heart out! The silver tub on hardwood floors, the enormous couch and the side tub shelving: so much goodness. 

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