The Mongolian Pillow In Faux and Mo!

I am not one to typically force my opinions on others, but as this is my platform, I will. I must start by saying: no matter how pretty these fluffy pillows may be, let us go faux PEE-POE (that’s “people” when rhymed with “faux”). Innocents should not have to suffer to satisfy our style, especially when faux is just as soft and way less expensive. Plus, can you really rest your head peacefully at night on the caressing softness of guilt and mortality? End semi-rant. 

First, I will show you some pretty pictures to entrance you, that you will then fall in love with. After that, I will tell you where you can get these pillows and fluffy related items at a steal (rugs, blankets and stools). 

Transitional Living Room by Houston Interior Designers & Decorators Sally Wheat Interiors

An often overlooked element of interior decor is texture. Melding together different materials from soft upholstery to metallic accents allows the eyes to do a kind of happy dance and draws interest. This is the why faux fluff is ideal whether your style is romantic, old Hollywood (yes, that’s a thing now), eclectic, contemporary, rustic, crisp and minimal, and everything else in between. Let us explore the woolly wonder in a variety of contexts. 

Rustic Bedroom by Atlanta Architects & Building Designers Peace Design

This is glamorously rustic. 

Contemporary Living Room by Calgary Home Builders Morrison Homes

So Restoration Hardware-esque. Even if you have some masculine leather couches (defeating the idea of faux, though I do eat meat… yet I try to be a responsible carnivore), the woolly look works. 

Modern Living Room by Honolulu Interior Designers & Decorators CIH Design

The sheepskin style blanket, so much FLUFF!

Transitional Bedroom by Dc Metro Interior Designers & Decorators JWS Interiors

Yes, our fleecy friends even work with black and white style! Symmetry! 

Traditional Bedroom by Libertyville Interior Designers & Decorators Susan Brunstrum of SWEET PEAS DESIGN INC

Just a small, furry blanket donning a cool chair can bring sexy to the vanity. 

Traditional Living Room by Westport Interior Designers & Decorators Susan Glick Interiors

Not all of these fluffy friends need to be natural shades, check out the lilac. 

Contemporary Living Room by Miami Interior Designers & Decorators Nicole White Designs Inc

I repeat: they work with any style, even if you like some prep in your step. 

Traditional Sunroom by London Furniture & Accessories Rise Art

Who would not like to cuddle in this cozy, greenhouse style nook? 

Transitional Dining Room by Houston Interior Designers & Decorators Sally Wheat Interiors

I personally like the furry look with a chic space, alas, this place is called the chic-y beast… Chic (I do not like this word alone) comes with soft lighting, metallics, and many bold colors and textures. 

Traditional Bedroom by Bedford General Contractors D.A.S. Custom Builders

So Z-Gallerie here. Again, the power of symmetry. PS. Mirrors behind your nightstands can create an awesome effect. 

Eclectic Living Room by Salt Lake City Interior Designers & Decorators cityhomeCOLLECTIVE

I like this luxe/rustic look here, so unique and rugs on rugs. 

Contemporary Bedroom by Los Angeles Interior Designers & Decorators Jeff Andrews Design

This is old, Hollywood/regency style through an assortment of mismatched patterns and textures. 

Mediterranean Bedroom by Dallas Architects & Building Designers Stocker Hoesterey Montenegro

Hello minimalists. Minimalism can be tricky as it is often perceived as cold, yet how warm does this feel? AMIRIGHT?!

Contemporary Bedroom by Oakland Interior Designers & Decorators Laura Martin Bovard

This is a preppier look for our fluff. TIP: remember, if you have too much space in your bedroom (don’t brag, we NYCers are listening), an interesting bench or two low chairs work magic before a bed. This will draw your eye directly to the bed for focal fun.  

Farmhouse Living Room by Boise Interior Designers & Decorators Judith Balis Interiors

Country glam, yes farm-style friends, even you can get in on the action. 

Rustic Family Room by Eagle Interior Designers & Decorators Studio 80 Interior Design

I really like this space, every piece is so unique and yet it all works in this eclectic haven. 

Contemporary Living Room by Valley Village Interior Designers & Decorators Charles Neal Interiors

So glam, and our fleecy blanket friend warms up the cold blues. 

Eclectic Family Room by Chicago Interior Designers & Decorators Buckingham Interiors + Design LLC

A great living space, how great does the white, fluffy pillows look around hues of brown and against these solid, slate floors? TEXTURES!

Eclectic Living Room by Dallas Media & Bloggers Jamie Laubhan-Oliver

I have to give a shout out to this acrylic, ghost chair which looks awesome when draped with fuzz. Find it cheaply here.  

Now let’s explore these fluffy finds for you. 

Pillows (priced low to high):

  • Amazon, of course. Get the look for a steal. 
  • Etsy (most come in sets of 2), this would be my recommended choice, support those small business owners. Also, this shop has every faux fur style you could ever want. This is my personal favorite
  • PB Teen has the Mongolian faux fur in white, beige and light gray with many 10% off coupons floating around, just access the site and a coupon prompt should pop-up. 

Rugs (priced low to high):

  • Amazon/Ikea, a faux sheepskin rug at a complete steal, drape these over the acrylic, ghost chairs or get a few and cluster them together on your floor. If you can get to an Ikea, it’s $12.99.  
  • Etsy, a faux fur 5×7 Mongolian rug. I know it seems expensive, but compared to all rugs this is a steal plus this guy does magic.
  • Wayfair/Safavieh, these faux sheepskin rugs come in a variety of sizes and colors (black, camel, gray) with free shipping. 

Throws (priced low to high):

  • Etsy, the throws are more expensive than you may think, but this small shop owner offers a variety of styles. 
  • FrontGate, has two styles in bear and mink and now these cozy blankies are on sale. 
  • Pottery Barn, also has a variety of styles and a cool ombre look. 
  • ZGallerie, about the same price as Pottery Barn but more unique styles. 


  • Etsy, this is the best deal out there, trust me I have looked and these are gorgeous and can be made custom!

If you are still not convinced and prices seem steep, DIY with fabric! 

Until our next adventure,

Stay saucy,



3 thoughts on “The Mongolian Pillow In Faux and Mo!

  1. “Don’t brag, we NYCers are listening” lol. Love this post. I’m excited to check out the Etsy vendors!

    1. Seriously, they have some great stuff. AND! If you are feeling super adventurous, you could DIY and get fabric. Thanks for posting 🙂

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