The Jollity of Jewel Tones

Oh jewel tones. Insert low-hanging crown jewels joke here (see what I did there)? These gemstone-inspired colors can work together to weave a dynamic and vibrant scheme for any space all influenced by precious and semi-precious stones with high saturation. And I am a girl that likes her color. Although I appreciate them, you will never find my walls white unless I am in a hospital or some kind of institution… 

First, let us cover today’s jewel tones selections (I prefer the bold, earthy ones):

Jewel Tones

You can use these dazzling tones in a variety of ways. Pair them together for a cohesive color palette or choose one, two or three to go crazy with. Here are some tips on how to get into the jeweling game: 

Contemporary Living Room by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Lizette Marie Interior Design

This is an example of choosing one tone to go crazy with: lapis, and what an example it is. This whimsical room plays off lapis and lapis hues. Notice how the curling, black bookshelves are echoed in the rug. The bar cart is an excellent choice against the rich velvet fabric. You will find metallics go great with all our jewel tone picks. PS… this is my favorite post pick. 

Contemporary Living Room by New York Photographers Rikki Snyder

This space plays off the midnight blue with pops of emerald taking each down a shade. This unexpected combo pulls off a modern, edgy feel which is also reflected in the focal mirror over head . 

Contemporary Dining Room by Toronto Photographers Brandon Barré Architectural Interior Photographer

Behold a tufted wall! TUFTED! You will find that many homeowners bring in jewel tones by blending the purples and blues. This dining room is lapis and midnight-inspired yet plays with preppy patterns and neutral tones to pull off an impressive, contemporary look. 

Contemporary Living Room by Houston Interior Designers & Decorators Sally Wheat Interiors

Pick two tones and pair them together like this unlikely duo: emerald and amethyst. And maybe you are a white wall person, you too can join in on the fun through textiles and upholstery. Notice how well the snippets of gold work with these colors throughout the room. 

Traditional Living Room by New York Photographers Donna Dotan Photography

You will find amethyst is often paired with a light blue. Would I ever choose this couch on its own? No. Yet here, it totally works to pack a punch. Shout out to the lovely collage of trays on the wall. 

Let’s get FUNKY! Amethyst, lapis and midnight…oh my but when paired with pops of magenta and black/white patterns…oh my gawddd! You have to respect playful decor! 

Contemporary Living Room by London Photographers Ingrid Rasmussen Photography

This bold homeowner has embraced the midnight blue and I must salute the fearlessness. When paired with the colder jewel tones such as emerald and turquoise, the space achieves a witty yet upscale masculine feel. 

Contemporary Bathroom by Park City Architects & Building Designers Jaffa Group Design Build

So maybe you are more reserved and want to dip your toe in the shimmering, jewel waters. This space is incredibly neutral but with the addition of the hanging, iridescent, jewel plates, the bathroom is completely transformed. 

Mediterranean Bathroom by Austin Furniture & Accessories Moroccan Design

Now this is taking jewel tones to the next level. This Moroccan-inspired master bath shows the sultry side to our dazzling hues. Shout out to the metallic tile with flecks of our color palette mingled in. We have seen the masculine tones colluding, but here we have the feminine tones giving us rock and roll. 

Transitional Living Room by Evanston Architects & Building Designers Morgante Wilson Architects

Feeling refined but like these colors you see? Add tones of amethyst through creative upholstery and pair with milder colors such as the gray and blue above to up the eye’s interest level. 

Contemporary Living Room by Boston Interior Designers & Decorators Rachel Reider Interiors

Anxious yet oddly intrigued by the jewel game? Incorporate these tones through pillows which you can mix up depending on your mood and the season. Pillows can always be stored away depending on how you want to play! #droppingsickrhymes

Eclectic Living Room by New York Interior Designers & Decorators amanda nisbet

Pair two unlikely tones such as the emerald and midnight above then punch it out with a fun color like this yellow to achieve an eclectic look. I don’t know why, but it works, it just does. 

Transitional Living Room by Concord Interior Designers & Decorators lisa k. tharp – k. tharp design

White walls! And yet…amethyst and a golden green are used to give us almost a throwback yet mighty clean vibe. 

Traditional Family Room by Little Rock Interior Designers & Decorators Andrea Brooks Interiors

Use a rug to give your tones cohesion like this stunning oriental number. The rug grants the lapis, amethyst and midnight tones to be used effortlessly throughout the space. Also, be fearless when it comes to mixing patterns. Oriental rug, contemporary pillows and yet it’s lovely. 

Eclectic Living Room by New York Interior Designers & Decorators Kati Curtis Design

Here we see the light blue peeking in again with our jewel tones and wowie! Some of the best decorating advice I have received: purchase things you like no matter how different and you will often find that when you bring them all together, they work. This room is the definition of eclectic, sporting objects from different eras and contrasting style influences and yet it is a dazzler!

Transitional Spaces by London Interior Designers & Decorators Juliette Byrne

This is a fun way just to reiterate how well these tones match up with metallics. PS. a gorgeous, new emerging color palette: peacock blue, light pink and gold. 

Contemporary Living Room by Bonita Springs Design-Build Firms Decorating Den Interiors

This is a creative, eclectic space with white walls and jewel punches through pillows and upholstery. Again, this shows anything goes folks!

To recap: integrate jewel tones through upholstery, fabrics and accessories. If you are feeling bold, paint your walls with these tones or lesser hues. Don’t feel pigeon-holed into this palette, it lends to many colors and all styles. 

I hope you enjoyed our glimmering adventure. 

Stay saucy,




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