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When I first discovered I’d be moving to New York for work, it was exhilarating. I was a single gal, ready to take the city by storm and paint it many more colors than red. Though, as the monotonous routine of life inevitably set in, I realized that I was here for, in fact, work… Sure, we have a lot of cool crap to look at around here, but what happens when we bring our work home to less than 500 square feet?

Fact knowledge bomb: according to Forbes, 1 in 5 people work from home at least once a week and that number is expected to increase over 60% in the next three years. Let us explore carving a cozy work space in your compact place with three options: the closet office, the office nook and the office corner. Superior offices posses three fundamental elements: inspiration, clever storage, and creative, eye-catching organization… and lighting (but that’s a given).

The Closet Office: 

Traditional Bedroom by New Lisbon Media & Bloggers iheartorganizing
The closet office: the ideal way to utilize existing space and transition it into a tiny work retreat, for our most constricted of dwellings. Use curtains or closet doors to store your work place away when you just can’t look at it anymore.
  • Inspiration: I am a big proponent that your work space should inspire you to foster creativity, making you more productive and developing higher-quality output. Whether using color themes, personal touches or both, allow yourself to think out of the box. This owner has used unique wallpaper to backdrop the closet space and frames to document personal moments. Use curtains to perpetuate your theme and bring focus to your closet office. 
  • Storage: Also, a critical part of an effective work space, the owner uses shelving to display an array of boxes and jars. The desk itself has plenty of available storage. 
  • Organization: Not synonymous with storage, you can see tools such as pens, markers and scissors are all hung on a silver rod with hooks. Rods, boxes and chair can all be found at Ikea. PS. I have this chair… neat. 
Eclectic Home Office by Austin Interior Designers & Decorators Scheer & Co.
  • Inspiration: No lack of inspiration here. This double work space has a backdrop of punchy wallpaper and displays a vast array or white ceramics adding to the stripe effect. 
  • Storage/Organization: Shelving, shelving shelving. The black shelves make storage and organization one in the same. 
Transitional Closet by Brooklyn Home Stagers Chip Cordelli
  • Inspiration: Who says a work space has to have a desk? Sometimes your inspiration can be your materials themselves as long as they are pleasingly organized. Don’t you just want to start crafting or wrapping something? 
  • Storage: From shelving and hat boxes to a trunk on wheels, this is storage at its finest. Notice how almost all storage allows us to visible see all tools and materials. 
  • Organization: Many points on creative organization here from the hanging wall paper, ribbon spools to the lovely display jars. 
Traditional Home Office by Los Angeles Interior Designers & Decorators Jennifer Grey Interiors
  • Inspiration: I totally appreciate the small nod to the professional world with these different time zone clocks in this cute and cozy space. The pastel hues of green and blue also permeate the space topped by fresh flowers under creative lighting.  
  • Storage/Organization: You can see the wicker baskets create concealed storage. Even the three plastic, drawer chest is hidden. I am also feeling the small storage boxes to echo the color scheme. 


  • Inspiration: I do believe this lovely room is inspiration enough, but the delicate, sheer curtains with the embroidery and the unique light yellow and orange color scheme is reflected throughout even with the desk accessories.
  • Storage: One of my favorite storage pictures, the storage boxes add to the decorum artfully displayed among orange vases. 
  • Organization: All tools such as pencils, stapler and resource materials are easily accessible and color coded. 
Traditional Kids by Belmont Media & Bloggers Christina Katos
  • Inspiration: This creative closet office draws on a blackboard wall and white shelving to display personal doodads. 
  • Storage/Organization: With the use of jars, hanging pales and ceramics, storage and organization here overlap. Rods like this with hooks can be found at Ikea. 
Contemporary Home Office by Other Metro Interior Designers & Decorators Key Piece
  • Inspiration: Here you can see photos, hung drawings and colored pencils.
  • Storage: This owner uses shelving and wicker bins to conceal storage.
  • Organization: You can see tools such as pencils, books and reference materials are low and reachable. 
Traditional Home Office by Charlotte Interior Designers & Decorators Ana Alicia Wilmer Vacalis
  • Inspiration: Through a bold pink and black palette, this owner plays with various prints and designs. 
  • Storage: I am a fan of using multiple methods of storage like the wrapped boxes, fabric bins and mini cabinets.  
  • Organization: It’s a classy move when all the desk tools each have their own little home. 
Shabby Chic Home Office by Quakertown Interior Designers & Decorators Kathy Appel, ASID
  • Inspiration: With the rustic appeal of a ceder backdrop and fresh vegetation, the look here is inspiration enough. You can also make out the pin boards which are littered in colors. 
  • Storage: True to theme, storage uses shelving and the native closet rod to hang needed materials. 
  • Organization: Pro for organizational integrity with the use of rustic wire baskets to echo the shabby chic theme. 
Eclectic Home Office by San Francisco Photographers Ed Ritger Photography
  • Inspiration: I am a fan of the fabric pin boards which can also be an easy an amazing DIY project (check out how to create these here). Nothing is more inspirational than being surrounded by unique creations your own two hands have made. Let us not forget the disco ball as well among the pink and black.  
  • Storage/Organization: These topics blend together through clever shelving and storage boxes. An impressive organizational tactic is the swivel chair that can glide between desk and table. 
Contemporary Closet by New Lisbon Media & Bloggers iheartorganizing
  • Inspiration: For a young tot’s room, you can see many things that could inspire a boy: football, reading materials and a cool giant paper clip! This is a good example that you do not have to live in an apartment to get in on the closet office fun. Use this for a kid’s room. 
  • Storage/Organization: So much organization. Priority one: the paper towel, a crucial addition for any young boy’s crafting sessions, good catch parent. Every boy-calling object has a proper home. 

The Office Nook: 


The office nook: if you are lucky enough to have an alcove of additional space in a kitchen, hall or any space, the nook work space is your new friend. 

  • Inspiration: This owner has picked a cool palette and stuck with it using fabrics for a creative backdrop and reflecting it through desk accessories and seating.
  • Storage: Merged between cabinets with a built-in drawer, storage here is to the max. Shout out to those awesome receptacles. This could be a nook in any kitchen. 
  • Organization: You can see tools such as pens, notebooks, scissors are all hung on white locboard or pegboards. Don’t forget the chalkboard! 
Contemporary Home Office by Ottawa Architects & Building Designers John Donkin Architect Inc.
  • Inspiration: Big points for the chalkboard wall, useful for memos, magnets, notes and scheduling as well as mindless doodling when boredom strikes. Also, black and white look mighty fine with plant life. 
  • Storage/Organization:  The floating shelves are an aesthetic dunk for organization and decor. Shout out to the jars for office tools. 
Contemporary Home Office by London Interior Designers & Decorators Juliette Byrne
  • Inspiration: The bold orange, sleek white and wood palette is inspiration enough providing texture to this awesome work cave. 
  • Storage: The shelving and drawers echo the theme down to the white tile floors. I love the use of the orange and white storage boxes to drive the color scheme home. 
  • Organization: One of my organizational favorites down to the collapsible trash can. 
Modern Home Office by Austin Home Builders Sett Studio
  • Inspiration: I am digging the modern country vibe in this office nook (although I do hope the rug is fake). The wood sharing focal wall and floor mingle for maximum impact. Shout out to the cool floor window. 
  • Storage/Organization: By using merely the desk’s surface and a small file cabinet, this office gives us a ruggedly clean look. 
Transitional Home Office by Fort Lauderdale Interior Designers & Decorators Alicia Weaver Design, LLC
  • Inspiration: This office is inspiration heavy and I am not complaining. The sauce is in the patterns. Funky wall paper, awesome upholstery and even the lamp shade and mail tray get in on this action. 
  • Storage/Organization: There is no limit of storage here, therefore organization simply comes down to what is needed on a good soul’s deck. 
Scandinavian Home Office by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Studio Revolution
  • Inspiration: “More talent, less ego” I like it. Less clutter can be just as inspiring #minimalism. 
  • Storage/Organization: With massive overhead cabinets, organization does not become an issue. 
Traditional Home Office by Toronto Photographers Leslie Goodwin Photography
  • Inspiration: This is an awesome use of empty space. Again we see the orange and white palette. Shout out to the rotary phone. 
  • Storage/Organization: Cabinets are a plenty here and yet the wooden shelves housing storage boxes are a creative use of space particularly to pull in the dark wood of the stairs. 
Contemporary Home Office by Austin Architects & Building Designers Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects
  • Inspiration: Probably one of the most ideal of nooks, this office area is also a great use of space. The sleek, streamline white wall against natural wood and dark wood floors presents quite a unique scheme.
  • Storage/Organization: I have always been in love with rolling file cabinets (you can see the blue, minty one peeking out). You can find these at Ikea and CB2. 
Contemporary Home Office by San Francisco Architects & Building Designers Feldman Architecture, Inc.
  • Inspiration: Here you are in the thick of it all and still this is a perfectly fine work space or a great area for the family computer to see what your fellow members are looking at #cleverplacement. 
  • Storage/Organization: Get a load of that floating shelf which becomes a focal piece in itself. The white, square cubby shelves above the desk are also a great use of space. 

The Office Corner: 

Eclectic Home Office by Melbourne Media & Bloggers The Room Illuminated

The office corner: sometimes all you can do is carve out a corner (this has been my work space solution). Your work space becomes another part of any room, which is particularly effective for studios or any other apartment dwelling. 

  • Because space is lacking, inspiration, storage and organization becomes an issue shared by the whole room. Still using a loc or pegboard like the above is a great way to keep track of thoughts and ideas while giving your humble corner an office feel. 
Eclectic Home Office by New York Photographers Rikki Snyder
  • This is so apartment-worthy. The curtain separating the bed, utilizing the space under the desk for storage and pining inspiration to a brick wall nails the office corner. 
Contemporary Living Room by London Interior Designers & Decorators Rebecca Hayes Interiors
  • I cannot stress the importance of shelving enough. Even if they are hard to reach, still they can be used to display decorum and exacerbate your theme. Without these shelves, this room would not feel nearly as clean. 
Contemporary Home Office by San Francisco Media & Bloggers SFGIRLBYBAY
  • This is a fun work space that feels light and clean, particularly with all the use of white. I am really feeling the white frames housing inspiration. Even the mug matches. 
Shabby Chic Home Office by Portland Media & Bloggers Lola Nova
  • Another fun and clean example. The curtains pull in the ceramic jars and paintbrushes. My brushes are in mason jars too guys! Though the painting output is, to be sure, less in quality and more for fun. 
Eclectic Home Office by Toronto Photographers Valerie Wilcox: Photographer
  • Another fine use of the pegboard, this time used for drawings, fabric swatches down to heavy-duty tools. Shout out to that flexing, wall lamp!
Contemporary Home Office by Shelter Island Architects & Building Designers SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C.
  • Ah for our last stop on this journey. Get a load of the floating shelves and the use of natural light in this office corner. So fresh and so clean. 

I hope you feel inspired to bring your work home with you. Let’s be honest, nothing is more ideal than typing away and taking conference calls sipping out of your own mug and wearing your super neat PJs. 

Until next time.

Stay saucy,



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  1. You hit my passion … Organization! Cool spaces & great ideas to be organized.
    Can’t wait for your next blog.

    1. Noted, I will try to hit organization more often. With apartment living, organization is the key to survival 🙂

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