Easter Up: The Pastel Palette

Warning Easter Spoilers Ahead:

Easter. A time to reminisce with family like when our new dog, Vegas, vomited a puddle of chocolate Easter candy during a viewing of Tootsie on the white carpet. My brother and I cried at the top of the stairs panicking she would either die or my parents would return her as they furiously cleaned all night.

Easter. A time to perpetuate hilarious traditions like the Easter bunny, which I was a hell bent believer in let me tell you, but is definitively the weakest seasonal lie for children. I mean Santa was just so much more established and actually came with an impressive back story and an army of elves. Child version Jenn: “So you’re saying an actual bunny brings me all this candy and hits everyone in one night? I mean I am a bit suspicious but who am I to judge, it’s candy…” But remember folks, it really is about that guy with long hair and sandals that looks just like Jared Leto.

And Easter: A time to celebrate that SPRING (not winter) is coming. Spring is a great excuse to clean up shop and refresh. Commemorate the season through your space with a pastel palette. Here are some tips to present pastel to your space.

NOTE: We are not talking about the grandma house vibe: an explosion of flowery fabrics, crocheted blankets and doilies (though my Gram happens to have killer taste and spaghetti, Hi Grammie!).

Dip your toe in pastel waters with accessories:

Pros: accessories can be changed and stored at any time based on your mood and if you like frequently playing around with your style, but bring ’em out with Spring! 

Eclectic Home Office by Philadelphia Interior Designers & Decorators Caitlin Wilson
I am a strong believer that enjoyment in the look of a work space is directly proportional to productivity. These preppy pastel pillows collaborate to create a cool look for the home office. These subtle hues ease the stress that work can bring and would certainly foster creativity for even the most creative inept of people. 
Eclectic Living Room by San Francisco Media & Bloggers SFGIRLBYBAY
New Yorkers, look! We know the hardship of having small places. The use of pastel accessories against the white background certainly opens up the space and makes it feel larger. 
Transitional Living Room by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Jute Interior Design
I love how this cool painting pulls everything together supported by the subtle yellows from the pillows. 
Industrial Living Room by Seattle Interior Designers & Decorators Tewes Design
Usually when using pink, you expect that it is the main show of any color scheme. Yet here, the pink is used to support the neutral tones of black, beige and brown. Awesome. 
Eclectic Living Room by Sydney Interior Designers & Decorators Horton & Co. Designers
Does this picture make you want cotton candy or is that just me? It is sad that I have to make sure my chosen colors do not remind me of food causing me to experience intense cravings. This image shows the power or a pair. Choose two pastel colors to dominate a room in tandem. 
Rustic Bedroom by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Story & Space – Interior Design and Color Guidance
Again choosing two pastel colors can have quite the impact. The use of light green and aqua against a backdrop or white packs a powerful punch. 

Pair pastels with black and white:

Pros: not as easily to alter but still this is low-hanging fruit to get into the pastel game with a muted blue or green, and if you’re brave, pink. A soft blue, green or pink still looks banging with black and white.

Contemporary Dining Room
I don’t know what it is, but I am really into this color blue right now. Pastels don’t have to be reserved for traditional style. Here against the black and white chevron they pull off a nice preppy, chic vibe. 
Modern Living Room by New York Photographers Rikki Snyder
Now this style is a bit too modern for me (how do I eat potato chips on that couch and my plates of food would fall off that slanted table…), but this shows you that a pale pink and black and white work. 
Traditional Bathroom by Los Angeles Architects & Building Designers Tim Barber LTD Architecture & Interior Design
I love this retro vibe through the mint green. Check out that tile work!
Midcentury Living Room by Other Metro Media & Bloggers Jeanette Lunde
Again pairing pastels works, especially with black and white. Notice the sea foam table and the pale pink chairs. Lovely!
Traditional Kids by Fairfield Interior Designers & Decorators Tiffany Eastman Interiors, LLC
No, I don’t think Barbie sleeps here, but if she does, she has good taste!
Choose a pastel focal piece: 
Pros: If you feel committed, pick a large statement piece such as upholstery or furniture to introduce these soft hues to your space while still maintaining full impact. This grants more of a masculine vibe to your pastel palette (especially when paired with earth tones) because let’s be honest, pastels can often bring more of a feminine energy to a space. But, if you are down with that glam goddess look then embrace it!
Contemporary Kitchen
Pairing a pastel like this soft blue with a warm color like the earthy, burnt orange here allows you to mix any tones you want like the pale grays throughout this kitchen to create a bold look. 
Eclectic Living Room by Evergreen Media & Bloggers Vintage Renewal
Yes, this couch is pink. Yet, due to it’s surrounding friends of warm browns (and lots of other colors), it does not appear “girly” which is good because colors should never be assigned a gender anyway!
Contemporary Kitchen by Other Metro General Contractors Mindful Designs, Inc.
This kitchen has a modern, masculine vibe to it. Choosing hues of one color such as the surrounding gray allows the turquoise island to achieve full impact. KABLAM! 
Traditional Bathroom by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Kelly Scanlon Interior Design
I mean really, who would not want to relax in this clawed tub of glory? Pick pastels for the right room, with their special subtlety they are ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms to nurture the calm. 
Eclectic Kitchen by Bend Interior Designers & Decorators Sarah Phipps Design
I mean seriously, how fun is this?
Contemporary Living Room by Tiburon Interior Designers & Decorators Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc.
This is what I would call a glam goddess vibe. Keep in mind that pastels always go nicely with metallics, particularly gold. 
Transitional Nursery by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Jute Interior Design
A nursery is another ideal room to practice your hand at the pastel palette. 
Contemporary Kids by Toronto Interior Designers & Decorators Shirley Meisels

Go all out:

Pros: So you like pastels, well go big or go home. Building an entire room with these subtle colors will actually dictate the mood which can be calming or plain fun if paired with punchy colors.

Eclectic Living Room by Alexander Interior Designers & Decorators Andrea Brooks Interiors
This is the epitome of eclectic and it rocks! Oriental rug, gold stools, beige couch, light pink walls with bright green and pink pillows as the kickers. 
Traditional Living Room by Pawleys Island Photographers Julia Ryan
Mix in cool patterns with your pastels like these zebra pillows to break away from being too traditional. 
Traditional Living Room by Minneapolis Furniture & Accessories Unique By Design Ltd.
Or just be really traditional, that’s cool too. 
Traditional Bedroom by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Brian Dittmar Design, Inc.
See the power of a pastel combo. The mustard yellow and light blue perfectly coordinate in this traditional bedroom. 
Contemporary Living Room by Pittsburgh Interior Designers & Decorators alisha gwen interior design
Another killer color combo with this pink and green ensemble. If this doesn’t remind you of Easter I don’t know what will. Easter forever. Get a load of those cheetah chairs. 
Traditional Bedroom by Brooklyn Architects & Building Designers CWB Architects
All pastels are represented here so I had to close with this one. I just love the vibe of this funky little space, way to go zebra rug!
I hope you enjoyed your journey through a pastel jungle. It is Spring so be inspired. 
Happy Easter peeps (see what I did there)…
Until next time,


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  1. Nice product in time for Easter. Thanks for not showing a large splash of chocolate brown on carpet. Dad

  2. jenn… You are an inspiration!
    Ps.. You forgot to mention the oozing chocolate puddle on the white carpet was muddled with pretty pastel colored wrappers happy Easter

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