15 Secret Garden Bathrooms

Let’s be real. The bathroom is the ultimate area for active relaxation. Whether you are performing your habitual exfoliation routine, pondering on the pot or even sleeping (you know who you are!), cleansing the day off through a long, hot shower or even unwinding with a soak in the tub (not us New Yorkers for we do not know who has soaked or even passed on in our rented tubs before us #morbid but true). 

Yet alas, many of us cannot enjoy these de-stressing ventures out in the open light of day. Bathrooms are designed confined, shutting us in to respect our privacy and protect us from any of those prying peeping Toms. Imagine a world where you could shower, soak and freely wander in your birthday suit like the lost days of innocence as a wee babe, all in front of a glorious view. 

Enter these 15 bathrooms with their own secret gardens (Happy Earth Day!). These homeowners enjoy lush vegetation, sunlight and privacy while frolicking through their bathrooms. Let us explore your dream master baths. 

Contemporary Bathroom by Phoenix Tile, Stone & Countertops Northman Marble & Granite

Enclosed by high walls, these gardens allow dwellers to enjoy views of greenery while creating a spa-like ambiance. Can you imagine soaking in this tub or swinging in that tree swing? 

Modern Bathroom by Seattle Architects & Building Designers DeForest Architects

These wooden outer walls allow this Japanese-inspired bathroom design to be streamlined and open with glass and high windows. No more shutting yourself in that little toilet closet! 

Tropical Bathroom by Other Metro Interior Designers & Decorators Iwan Sastrawiguna Interior Design

Ah, the tropical garden. This weather permits a bathroom to be bathed in real open air instead of being sheathed behind a glass wall. Imagine adding a fresh breeze to your rejuvenation routine.

Modern Bedroom

Maybe with the invention of drones, you are still paranoid about your modesty (and you would be right as these gardens are defenseless against modern technology). There is still an option for you like an attached veranda complete with ceiling and skylight.

Contemporary Bathroom by Mexico City Architects & Building Designers RHYZOMA – Arquitectura / Diseño

This puts the “secret” in secret garden. This door is conveniently camouflaged only permitting those who know of its existence to enjoy its magic (like in the movie The Secret Garden). Though unfortunately, I don’t think this garden would grant that wheelchair-bound kid the ability to walk. 

Tropical Bathroom by Kailua Kona General Contractors GM Construction, Inc.

Can we all just pause our daily lives to appreciate this sink-in tub? These homeowners took their garden to a whole new level. See another view below. 

Tropical Bathroom by Kailua Kona General Contractors GM Construction, Inc.

This is nailing the secret garden. Comfy outdoor seating, greenery and an outdoor spa all accessible through sliding glass. BEHOLD!

Contemporary Bathroom by North Vancouver Architects & Building Designers Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

Another sink-in tub but what is more glorious is the matching outdoor pool. Never underestimate the beauty of symmetry. So zen! 

Tropical Bathroom by Healdsburg Interior Designers & Decorators Saint Dizier Design

This COPPER TUB is everything particularly floating atop a bed of rocks which allows this indoor/outdoor space to flow as one. Notice how the rocks pull in the background rock wall. 

Tropical Bathroom by San Francisco Architects & Building Designers ZAK Architecture

I am really feeling these shutter doors as well as the amazing double vanity with these lights pulling it all together. And the wood of the vanity, mirror, shutters and chair: the cohesion! Not to forget the outdoor soaking tub…

Eclectic Bathroom by Victoria Interior Designers & Decorators The Sky is the Limit Design

There is something about these dark hued floors and metallic tiles against a backdrop of greenery that gives full impact. Glorious!

Tropical Bathroom by Kamuela Interior Designers & Decorators Willman Interiors / Gina Willman, ASID

You have to admire the openness of this bathroom. Look at the freestanding shower. 

Modern Bathroom by San Francisco Architects & Building Designers Mark Dziewulski Architect

Even minimalists can get in on the fun. Asian-inspired and so many clean lines. I am digging the bamboo. 

Asian Bathroom by Solana Beach Architects & Building Designers Smith Brothers

Check out the outdoor sink-in tub with uninterrupted access to this huge, freestanding shower. 

Contemporary Bathroom by Atlanta Architects & Building Designers Summerour Architects

I like the contrast and symmetry here. The white wall and tub above a black floor. Check out the outdoor shower/tub!

Contemporary Bathroom by Oakland Kitchen & Bath Designers Concreteworks

And lastly, this beautiful ensemble with the matching bath and double sink over rock beds and under amazing skylights. SWOON!

OK, so you probably have to be very rich to have these master baths but it’s something to aspire to and if these amazing bathrooms and the thought of roaming free and all out don’t motivate you, then GOD HELP YOU!

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