The Glory of the Metallic Wall

Last week, I was very chilly in my little apartment resenting the snow, ice, rain, slush… I HATED IT ALL! My mood inspired what I would do if I could, techniques to warm up the walls

But walls were still on the brain, I just couldn’t shake them. And then I thought about my favorite: metallics. Shiny things speak to my insides, I don’t know why, but they do. Behold: The metallic wall. Eureka!

Let us look at some pretty pictures for inspiration and how the effect was done:

More Industrial:

Contemporary Kitchen by Doylestown Kitchen & Bath Designers Superior Woodcraft, Inc.

This delightful backsplash was created with Copper Penny Round Mosaic Tiles from Casale Tile. DIY Penny Tiling is also an option.

Modern Living Room by Spokane Architects & Building Designers Uptic Studios
The metal panels in this cool snap are 18ga raw steel with some chemical etching. SCIENCE! 
Industrial Bathroom by San Francisco Architects & Building Designers Glenn Robert Lym Architect
Continuing on with the gloriously industrial rustic vibe, here we have sheet metal. 
Contemporary Living Room by Hopewell Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Groundswell Design Group, LLC
This wall was made with reclaimed tin from a chicken coup. A CHICKEN COUP! Can’t get more rustic than that. Provenance is a dealer that specializes in these salvaged products. Switching gears to fancy…
More Glam:
Modern Entry by Honolulu Interior Designers & Decorators CIH Design
This shimmering wall was done with inlaid paper backed tiles of Mother of Pearl…yeah really fancy. I wonder if anyone has ever sat in that velvet circle chair/sofa/couch… if 4 people simultaneously leaned back do they all rest their heads together? It’s boggling my mind…
Modern Staircase by Seattle Architects & Building Designers McClellan Architects
This staircase/gold wall combo is ballin! This wall was done with Venetian Plaster and gets its shine on with the light fixtures. 
Traditional Bathroom by Portland Interior Designers & Decorators Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

The bathroom is the perfect place to get funky. See silver and gold can be friends, people! This look was achieved with individual silver leaf sheets.

Modern Bedroom by San Diego Interior Designers & Decorators Amy Noel Design

Also silver leaf sheets but on plaster. I tried to look up the lights for you my peeps because I care but they are custom made. 

Transitional Bedroom by Houston Furniture & Accessories High Fashion Home

This wallpaper is from Designer’s Guild, it’s called Porden from the Nabucco collection. Pretty snazzy. 

More Eclectic: 

Eclectic Dining Room by Katy Interior Designers & Decorators Pink Door Designs

This was done with flat and metallic paint as well as careful taping. The look was done with a gold metallic paint base, then 3 sizes of tape over the gold layer and these lovely colors: Sherwin Williams color 6477 Tidewater for the darker blue wall color and Sherwin Williams 6476 Glimmer for the lighter blue wall color.

Modern Home Office by San Diego Interior Designers & Decorators Amy Noel Design
This beautiful wall was done with copper leaf. I am digging the fireplace and light fixture. 
Contemporary Bedroom by Melbourne Interior Designers & Decorators Camilla Molders

This is Ferm Living Wilderness WallSmart wallpaper. I like how the chandelier pulls it all together. 

I hope excitement bubbled in your belly as much as it did in mine while perusing these pictures. 

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