RIP Accent Chairs, Hello Tufted Sofa

It is a firm principal of mine that there are certain things in this life that you simply cannot skimp on: ketchup and mustard on a burger, chocolate chips in cookies and that glorious dollop or sour cream and cheese on your Chipotle. Sorry, it’s lunch time and food is on the brain, another obsession of mine.

This also applies to the home. Splurging is totally justified when it comes to bedding, towels and of course, a comfortable couch.

The coach is a splendid oasis to enjoy TV, putter around on the computer, curl up when sick and to spend those long, unwashed weekend days nursing that hangover (if you are like me). And the couch will never judge you! To think of the things the couches in my life have seen…

DSC_1691Now as New Yorkers know, when dealing with limited living space typically gaining items is at the expense of losing others, especially when you have a closet that measures 22″ wide… this is my excuse for not being fashion “with-it.”

However, I am excited to report, that in a few days time, I will be the proud owner of 79.5 inches of a sublimely, retro-ish couch. Sadly, I must say goodbye to my beloved World Market Peacock Quincy chairs (pictured left chilling in my apartment) who where always there to literally support me in good times and bad. PS if you are looking for some glorious accent chairs find mine here on AptDeco. That just happened, I plugged myself, I feel so dirty.

To come to terms with these lovely losses, I must enthuse myself for the addition of a new, snugly family member: West Elm’s Peggy Sofa. In this spirit, to ease my grieving, I would like to focus on some of my favorite sofas out there.


Classy & Splurgey: 

Eclectic Living Room by Prairie Village Interior Designers & Decorators Coveted Home
When singling out each of these pieces, normally one would not think to arrange them all together, but these elements totally work to pull off one awesomely cohesive, eclectic look. As for the couch, this is the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Chester Sofa. A piece I long for but cannot afford or fit. 
Traditional Living Room by Atlanta Interior Designers & Decorators Lilli Design
This is another view of the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Chester SofaHow great is that chocolate brown, ivory and mustard yellow color scheme? 
I do love this room, I feel, however, that my glasses of red wine would not be welcome. This is the elegant Donovan sofa, there are no immediate prices to browse so you know what that means…
Contemporary Living Room by Dallas Media & Bloggers Angela Flournoy
This is the Loft sofa by Timothy Outlon. The copper and chocolate striped curtains are really getting me along with the Caramel Mongolian pillows (please do faux my friends). Timothy Oulton has a few other divine couches up his sleeve…
I mean really, look at this guy. The Oxford Senior Common Room Sofa by our new friend, Timothy Oulton. Something for me to aspire to. 
Traditional Living Room by Bassett Furniture & Accessories Bassett Furniture
Will you get a load of that couch? This is a gorgeous room, reminiscent of the transition where Dorthy starts to find the world is in color. Oh, if I could afford this. Nothing gets me like a Chesterfield sofa, this one is from Bassett Furniture
Funky and More Affordable:
These couches still may seem expensive, but they are worth it. Get that wood composite dresser that you touch twice a day but looks good and invest in seating! To recap: Ikea dresser: yes, Ikea couch: no (unless you have a partner that gives frequent back rubs). 
Naturally, we must start with the sofa I have purchased: West Elm’s Peggy Sofa. I like to think of this couch as if Don Draper and annoying Megan had a baby, it would look like this couch. Despite boggled glances, I have already sat, laid and stretched out on this couch many times in the store. YOU HAVE TO TEST IT! I have selected the Regal Blue Linen Weave. The excitement is building! 
Contemporary Living Room by Gardena Furniture & Accessories Z Gallerie
I have had my eye on this couch for so long. If only I could fit it in my apartment…this is the Charleston Sofa from Z Gallerie. It is also available in a lovely, shiny Gray
Transitional Kitchen by Atlanta Architects & Building Designers Clark & Zook Architects, LLC
Also from West Elm is the Chester Tufted Upholstered Sofa. A more fresh and modern take on the Chesterfield sofa, this seems to fit well with any style, class it up or fun it down. 
Transitional Living Room by Jersey City Design-Build Firms Brunelleschi Construction
Another couch I have laid on in the store, this is the retro-vibing Avec Sofa from CB2. They do have an awesome Apartment Avec version, all designs come in an amazing peacock blue. 
Contemporary Living Room by Toronto Interior Designers & Decorators LUX Design
This beautiful little ditty was originally from West Elm but has been discontinued. Though, FEAR NOT folks, Z Gallerie does carry something similar with their Roberto Sofa
Also from Z Gallerie, the Olivia Sofa, it just looks so darn comfy! 
Well peeps, I hope you enjoyed my picks. Feel free to contribute your faves in the comments. I will keep you updated on how the new cozy family member is working out, with pictures of course!
Stay dry in the watery wings of Spring,


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