Decorating According To The Disney Princesses

These are the only Disney Princesses I care about as they were in my time so we are going to cover my favorite broads: 

If you don’t like my broads, well, soon you might. On to Snow White. 

Snow Whitesnow white

Oh this little maiden really gets me. She breaks into the the dwarfs’ cabin and promptly falls asleep in their beds… ahem boundaries woman! Then, she arranges to live with seven men who are obviously in love with her and she acts coy, like she doesn’t even know it while she plays house. And you know what, maybe she is oblivious because this daft damsel takes the poison apple from a shady, old hag and starts to EAT IT. REALLY! HELLO! Come on girl, get it together! She wasn’t even under a spell like Sleeping Beauty. No excuse!

Snow White style: 

Traditional Patio by Tarrytown Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Westover Landscape Design, Inc.

You know she digs a cottage vibe where she can talk to all her rabbits and birds and shit. If anyone knows what the fox says it’s her…and Pocahontas obviously.  

Rustic Bathroom by Truckee Interior Designers & Decorators High Camp Home

She loves her mirrors because she is fairest in the land and every time she looks at one, it smugly reminds her that she beat the Queen. 

Rustic Bedroom by Crosslake General Contractors Lands End Development – Designers & Builders

Of course, she has a a cozy place to put up her seven guests who often visit.

Rustic Kitchen by Excelsior Design-Build Firms Lake Country Builders

We also know, after cooking daily for 7 men, this girl knows how to cook… To summarize: weaknesses – lacks common sense; strengths – good at cooking, cleaning, singing and being the prettiest in the land. I see what you did there Disney, real subtle. 

Cinderella Cinderella

This babe was a pushover, working her skinny booty off for some evil wenches. I mean she cleaned everything and her closest friends were an entire horde of talking MICE (she knit little sweaters for them). Then, all of the sudden, she finds a hot guy and goes from servant girl to royalty because, you know, if you’re pretty enough, a hot guy will swoop in and fix all you’re problems! Hooray! 

Cinderella style: 

Traditional Pool by Frankfort Home Builders Gander Builders

It wasn’t like Cinderella was uncomfortable wearing that freaking ball gown (“oh no, I couldn’t possibly”) she was all like “yeah that’s me, fairy godmother, now help me into my carriage.” Side note: her fairy godmother has awful timing. “Sorry dear I didn’t save you from all those terrible years of servitude but I’ll fix you right up for the ball!” You know Cinderella is going to trick her place out faster than you can say bibbidi bobbidi boo. Take that evil stepmother! 

Contemporary Kitchen by Saskatoon Interior Designers & Decorators Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.

No more chores for her. Cinderella is all about automation and appliances now that can wash her clothes and dishes for her! 

Contemporary Bathroom by Minneapolis Interior Designers & Decorators Wheaton Hushcha Design

She is a contemporary minimalist; she is so over clutter. Her mice companions no longer need to hide in the shadows only emerging to assist with her chores and simple living means less to clean. 

Sleeping BeautyAurora

Her name is Aurora and we always forget that because well…she’s kinda vapid. Decidedly the most boring of all the princesses, Sleeping Beauty encompasses the common thread of traits that make up a typical Disney Princess: sweet, beautiful, great set of lungs, blah, blah, blah. If she had not met the Prince with the funny hat, she would be an ideal candidate for The Bachelor. 

Sleeping Beauty style:

Traditional Bedroom by Spring Architects & Building Designers Maison Market

This chick knows the importance of a comfortable bed. Aurora grew up in a castle so she is no doubt accustomed to a certain standard of living.

Traditional Bedroom by Seattle Cabinets & Cabinetry Warmington & North

Her pad would have to be decked out with many nooks and crannies suited for napping. 

Transitional Closet by Victoria Architects & Building Designers jodi foster design + planning
Notice how everything in this maiden’s closet is packed carefully away. She is not trying to have another spinning wheel incident anytime soon…


Perhaps our most stubborn and childish princess, Ariel was willing to leave her ocean life for a guy she met in a hot minute (literally hot, his ship was on fire). She was so adamant to get her way that she signed into a contractual agreement with the Sea Witch without even reading it first! Triton would be furious! Then she stumbled around mute and naked before getting married at the ripe old age of 16… but the princess got her way dammit. 

Ariel style: 

Beach Style Living Room by Mill Valley Interior Designers & Decorators GEORGE Interior Design

Ariel has costal style. She is an established collector with gadgets and gizmos a-plenty and whozits and whatzits galore, but wanted more! Before her enraged father destroyed it, her collection consisted of earthly treasures, you know things like forks and pipes. Now, I can only assume she would be interested in trinkets reminiscent of her under the sea days. I like to think that Prince Eric and his trusty staff like that old, proper Ichabod Crane-like guy work to keep her hoarding habits to a minimum. 

Beach Style Living Room by Portland Interior Designers & Decorators Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

As you know, this mermaid traded in her fins for a pair of legs. Nowadays, Ariel loves open spaces where she can walk/prance around on those gams of hers as she sings to herself with the melodies reverberating off the walls (all these chicks love to sing). 

Tropical Porch by Mill Valley Architects & Building Designers Sutton Suzuki Architects

You know Ariel lives on the ocean so she can wave to her father, sisters and former, scaly friends like Flounder while she drinks her morning coffee. 


Belle is not impressed. Her provincial town did not quench her spirit for adventure. She reads the same books over and over and has only one outfit! Remember when Gaston held up 3 fawning floozies with ONE HAND? Nope, not even then. The Beast told her the West Wing was FORBIDDEN, do you think that stopped our girl? NO! She is eccentric and lives by her own rules. 

Belle style:

Craftsman Family Room by Philadelphia Architects & Building Designers Krieger + Associates Architects Inc

Belle loves her books. Yay Belle, yay books! This one has a smart brain you guys! 

Traditional Living Room by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Tucker & Marks

As you know, Belle and her now human man are into antiques. In fact, their supporting circle of friends spent a lot of years living AS antiques so they want their guests to feel right at home. It secretly excites me to imagine them slipping up and giving their furniture orders… “another drink bar cart…oh” DO IT YOURSELF! #oldhabitsdiehard 

Traditional Powder Room by Los Angeles Interior Designers & Decorators Just Joh

Remember when Lumiere and Cogsworth took Belle around the castle explaining the Baroque era influence. This is inspiration for the couple’s fancy, traditional style. If it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it, Oh Cogsworth. 


Jasmine is one sexy broad. You saw what she did to Jafar! She knows how to work it: sensually sashaying around, lounging in seductive poses and batting her thick lashes. Under the sea, there is not much availability in terms of clothing, hence Ariel’s seashell bra and bare midriff. Jasmine, however, knows exactly what she is doing. Even though this hot mama could get anyone she wants, with competing suitors vying desperately for her attention, she goes for the skinny STREET RAT! Props and respect Jazzy. 

Jasmine style: 

Mediterranean Patio by Santa Monica Photographers Luke Gibson Photography
As you are aware, this girl loves to lounge as she luxuriates. All reclining areas must be pet-friendly for her FREAKING TIGER!  
Mediterranean Home Office by Houston Interior Designers & Decorators Laura U, Inc.
Jasmine needs a place to get away from Abu’s constant squabbling, Raja’s overbearing nature and the pressure to laugh at the Genie’s endless stream of jokes (although they are hilarious, RIP Robin Williams). You know she likes to retreat, take off her bejeweled headband and shop online (this chick would do intense retail damage). 
Mediterranean Home Theater by Scottsdale Interior Designers & Decorators Wendy Black Rodgers Interiors
Obviously her and Aladdin relax in their hookah lounge to make us all jealous. 
This is one bad-ass princess. With a name meaning “playful one,” this girl does not disappoint. Pocahontas disses the serious, tribesman she is promised to, is completely unfazed when encountering John Smith (this would be like meeting an alien), shows him he is being a huge ignoramus when it comes to nature, saves his life, unites her tribe with the settlers and is fluent in the language of the earth! 
Pocahontas style:
Rustic Bathroom by Atlanta Architects & Building Designers Peace Design
Pocahontas knows A LOT: why the bobcat grins, how to sing with the voices of the mountain and paint with all the color of the wind. Basically, this chick digs a rustic, nature-inspired vibe. 
Rustic Bathroom by Truckee Interior Designers & Decorators High Camp Home

You know Pocahontas and John Smith get the feels from a cozy cabin atmosphere. Pocahontas feels comfortable surrounded by natural elements like wood and stone reminiscent of her throwback wigwam dwellings. 

Farmhouse Kitchen by Minneapolis Interior Designers & Decorators Bruce Kading Interior Design
You know this girl crafted her place with her BARE HANDS. I imagine her hanging her gathered herbs to dry and John Smith walking into them as he gets a cold drink of water in the midst of the night and being all like “Oh Poco” rolling his eyes. 
Rustic Bedroom by Big Sky Architects & Building Designers Dan Joseph Architects

Side note: If you live with your head in your crack you should know that Pocahontas was a real person! John Smith and this broad were never lovers and later in life she changed her name to Rebecca, was basically paraded around England to show that “savages” could be civilized and decided not to return to her people and now we are sad. 

You have to respect this chic. She has the best family around town between her adorable, elderly father, Fa Zhou, and sassy grandma and SHE KNOWS IT. That is why she sets out on a quest to disguise herself as a man and go to war for China in her father’s place (accompanied by Mushu of course). GIRL POWER! However, good things usually don’t last, and Mulan gets wounded after she wittingly saved the lives of her fellow warriors from the evil clutches of the Huns. The wound leads her companions to discover SHE HAS BREASTS *horrified gasp*. After being expelled from the army, she then ends up saving the Emperor anyway because she is Mulan dammit. She returns home to present her father with the Emperor’s crest and all these high honors, etc. but all he cares about is having his daughter home. This cements Fa Zhou as the best Disney dad there is. 
Mulan style:
Contemporary Bathroom by Denver Architects & Building Designers Ashley Campbell Interior Design
Mulan’s space would be pretty cool. You know her and Li Shang would live in China-inspired style. The above is a glass shower because the jig is up, Mulan is a woman and she could take Li Shang any day. 
Eclectic Bedroom by Huntington Beach Interior Designers & Decorators For People design
Mulan has embraced her feminine side. I mean the Emperor knew she was a woman and she has his crest, the highest honor of all the honors, I am sure. Mulan is now owning it. 
Asian Garage And Shed by Burlingame Photographers Dennis Mayer, Photographer
Obviously, Mulan needs a place to talk to her ancestors and hang out with Mushu. Her and Li Shang also have sword fights on their lawn to see who takes out the trash, does the dishes, etc. 
Yes, the princesses all have very different styles, but you kinda liked all their home vibes didn’t you? WHICH MEANS, by the transitive property, you kinda like all these Disney princesses!
If you have gotten this far, we are comrades because I fully acknowledge that I went a little rogue with this one. 
Peace out my friends,


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