Statement Stunners That Are Here to Stay in 2015: The Sunburst Mirror Part II

You may remember our analogy that walking through a house is like a game of strip poker/pool/whatever that you may have participated in as a curious, hormonal younging. If you are very confused, see Sunburst Mirrors Part I. If you are disgusted, then I am not for you.

To recap, the entry of a space was that first article of clothing you had to shed, the-go-to, the first sock. Once peeled away, this either revealed an impressive, well kept foot or something revoltingly creature-esque. That foot was the catalyst for quelling curiosity or it was a nope, please stop, much like an entryway. Sorry fellow apartment leasers, we are pretty much just naked from the start.

Then we hit the family room and you pretty much knew what you were getting into based on what you’ve seen. It’s like the cardigan, shirt or sweater that just led to the undershirt or top underneath (remember spaghetti straps, I know I do). You already knew whether you would be excited or underwhelmed. Next up, the bathroom.

The Bathroom. The bathroom is the other sock, a given for guests to roam. Maybe you left that sock on, intending to hide a spreading nail fungus or chappy soles. Let’s be honest, a bathroom can sometimes be disgusting, you may never be able to look the owner again in the eye based on what you’ve seen: horrors that can wake you in the night. You should not feel dirtier after doing your business, you should feel cleaner and lighter.

Oh the woes of the bathroom. The place we are most desperate to look at something interesting as we sit there, trapped by our functioning bodies, but a space that is often stylistically overlooked. Be the change, show your wash closet some love.

This use of this sunburst mirror impresses me the most: who would mind taking a trip to the porcelain throne in this bathroom? Notice the clean metallic lines of the mirror are reflected in the hardware belonging to the gorgeous sink ensemble. Not to mention the gold plated sconces, tray and other objects to perpetuate the theme. Shout out to that killer wall done with some hardcore stenciling.

This is Arteriors splurge-worthy Prescott Small Oval Mirror which comes in all shapes and sizes. If you’re like me and could never afford it, check out the similar Perugia Oval Wall Mirror by Safavieh.

Yes, we have seen this mirror before. Notice how its impact drastically changes when used in this small wash room niche. I love how the faucet hardware, towel hook and door knob are all gold to drive this piece home.

This is the Sunburst Mirror by Global Views, it is cheaper on Wayfair if they have it in stock.

The Dining Room. The room made for entertainment and eating. I repeat, EATING, so it better be good. These are the pants if you will, again a given. And when you shed them, you see what lies beneath: the underwear. Are they a lacy number, days of the week, or worse, a worn, holey atrocity with the faint patches of who knows what? This is where you really get to know a person. Just make sure they are clean people!

Arguable the most formal room in the house, the dining room is the perfect excuse for some extra polish like that splurge you bought, you know that lacy number that makes you feel sneaky as you sport it underneath.

Maybe you are like me, swaddled in an apartment without the luxury of a dining room. That doesn’t mean you can’t give your eating area some extra pizzazz. Use a sunburst mirror as a focal point, making the space feel larger and giving new life to all your eclectic articles.

This is the Sunburst Mirror by Global Views again.

This entirely mirrored surface is the best way to induce drama, (no, you don’t need to paint your walls black) but these glittering gems do shine their best on a bold coat of paint.

This is Z Gallerie’s Empire MirrorOr get the look with the more affordable Sunburst Glass Mirror.

Just like the photo above, you don’t have to commit an entire room to one color. Choose a focal wall, bold color and brazen it up with these sunny dazzlers as a focal piece.

Special recognition to those brilliant glass, Orb Lights by Premiere Luminaire. Get the look for less with CB2’s Firefly Pendant Light.

This is a high-end mirror but you can find the similar Sun Flair Mirror by Savavieh.

This elegant dining area has a lighter side with this retro-inspired mirror. Just hanging this glittering piece hints at a less serious undertone and gives the room a throwback vibe.

This is the Hand Forged Raindrop Mirror by Uttermost. Like the retro vibe? Also see the Retro Starburst by Paragon.

The Bedroom. Here’s where things really shake up. This is that spaghetti strapped-top or undershirt that you must shed, the part where you start to feel naked and exposed. You can never guess what lies in the bedrooms of others.

Aside. This is why we played these strip-themed games in high school. Back then, I would not have been fully mortified due to my participation in athletic endeavors which earned me a semi-flat stomach. And now… I feel that one shifting ab that remains under a few layers when I lean over to put more salsa on my chip. But I digress…

The lure of your bed is already a formidable force, why not make it even stronger? Because of sleep you sickos! Let’s be honest, we spend half of lives in our bedrooms, and if you’re me, the other half day-dreaming about bed, it only makes sense to make the bedroom a beautiful oasis. Not to mention the romantic feels these glimmering beauties invoke.

Just to add that extra something. The smaller mirror is an instant focal point, even the unique shaped headboard points your eyes in its direction. This room is a perfect example of eclectic at its finest: merging the old seamlessly with the new.

Here is the very similar Sunflower Wall Mirror in gold by Two’s Company. Crate and Barrel also makes the similar Sunflower Wall Mirror.

Not all sunburst mirrors have to be dramatic. The nickel mirror on gray combo shows the subtle side to this showstopper for a clean and serene look. Shout out to the color coordination in this room. The convex surface of the mirror is reflected in the stylish, silver, globe lamps while the black, paisley pillows pull in the sleek bedside tables, even the hot pink tray has a matching counterpart.

This is the splurge-worthy Majestic Sunburst Mirror Large by Plantation, they also have a smaller size and gold finish.

This is the mirror that I sleep under every night and I love it. I had to give it some special recognition. Here it is more subdued in style, but let me tell you with the right bedding and pillows, this mirror can really pop.

This is Z Gallerie’s Devon Mirror.

Calling History Nerds (like me): If you have really made it to the end, I will bestow upon you an interesting fact. Sunburst mirrors have been around a long time and happen to have a rich history. Design traces have been linked as far back as the Middle Ages, but Louis XIV, the Sun King, really put these sparklers on the map. You may recall Louis XIV, you know the French King who built the Versailles we know today and whose throne also doubled as a toilet. The Sun King’s personal emblem was the head of Apollo centered among sun rays. Louis built the Hall of Mirrors (mirrors were quite rare at the time) and mirrors were also often used in Churches to symbolize God watching over his people. And there, we bonded as nerds.

If you want to review all our 2015 statement stunners, we covered Terrariums and Metallic Accessories as well. 

Stay saucy,


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