Statement Stunners That Are Here to Stay in 2015: The Sunburst Mirror Part I

Mirrors. Some people love them, some people hate them. They can be a breeding ground for self-judgement and nit-picking to some. Then there is the other type of person, you know them. Those who are mysteriously drawn to all reflective surfaces and you must proceed with caution when accompanying them while passing glass or windows of any kind. The win-win: no matter where you fall in the mirror-gate spectrum, do not focus on changing the person gazing into the mirror, but rather the mirror itself #deep.

Enter sunburst mirrors. Nothing says focal point more than the sizzle of a sunburst mirror, it’s like bringing the sun and the sky into your space. Just adorning one of these glimmering beauties can revolutionize the entire look of a room. We will discuss 5 places to let them shimmer in all their sunny glory: the entryway, the bathroom, the family room, the bedroom and the dining room. With all this glamour to cover, first we will focus on the entryway and the family room.

Wandering through a house (sigh for us apartment dwellers) is like that awkward game of strip poker you agreed to play in high school pretending to be really into it and not terrified knowing full well you wouldn’t have actually shed everything had you lost. Let’s be honest things were still developing back then or even sprouting and hadn’t yet blossomed to their full, symmetric forms. I wasn’t going to reveal that mess because I lost a game… Our analogy continues to the entryway.

The Entryway. This area of the house is equivalent to that sock everyone discarded for their first article if you were smart and did not have budding harlot-like tendencies. That exposed foot set the tone for what was to come. It could have been nicely buffed with filed toes or a real fungal creature wriggling at you as you watched in utter horror. This usually answered the question: do I want to see more? An entryway will answer the same question. Center a sunburst mirror above a cupboard or rounded console in your entryway. Your guests will be instantly intrigued wanting to prowl the rest of your abode and unlock what mysteries it has in store, beyond the foot.

Find unique accents that pull in elements of your color theme and style like this vase and these canisters to emphasize your mirror.

See the similar Chateau Round Sunburst Mirror  by Creative Co-op or the Art Décor Gold Sunburst Mirror by Sky Iris, the Laurel Sunburst Mirror or, my favorite, the Iron Sunburst Mirror on One Kings Lane.

By Philadelphia Interior Designers & Decorators Caitlin Wilson


Pair these gilded gems with vases holding fresh flowers, tall candleholders, unique objects, table lamps and glittering frames.

This is the Howard Elliot Singapore Mirror.

Who says a sunburst mirror has to be metallic? Notice how this wooden mirror contrasts with the stone creating a rustic, nature-inspired wall. Sunburst mirrors can be dialed down to accessorize in even the most traditional or conservatively styled spaces.See the similar Vermundo Wood Mirror by Uttermost.


The Family Room. The family room AKA that cardigan or sweater you don as that outer layer. Plainly, everyone is going to see it and it is a staple of your outfit as well as your home. So you shed this layer and it should be harmless right? Wrong. What about chappy elbows or that kid who wasn’t yet told that puberty required the addition of deodorant to the morning routine as the odor wafted around you? People have a right to judge this room.

Give yours some glam by hanging a sunburst mirror over the mantle and watch it sparkle over a flickering fire: instant cozy. Side note: if you have a fireplace I don’t even want to hear about it as I shiver in my studio.

This is the splurge-worthy Majestic Sunburst Mirror Large by Plantation, they also have a smaller size and gold finish.

Now, I for one, am way too clumsy to ever have a room this decadent, but that doesn’t mean I can’t drool over it. This sunny focal point is exaggerated by the crown molding panels, golden hardware in the candleholders and coffee table and the gold of the upholstery. Nailed it.

Unfortunately this mirror is discontinued, but check out the similar upscale Josephine Starburst Mirror by Worlds Away or the more affordable Vienna Wall Mirror, Distressed Gold on One Kings Lane and Raina Oversize Mirror.

Notice all the different textures in this room and what a difference the gold metallic makes, even on a white wall.

This is the similar to the Sunburst Mirror by Global Views. It is cheaper on Wayfair if they have it in stock.


Get your fill of clean lines and subtle style with this room. I imagine it smells like eucalyptus or linen as a frolic among the pastel palette. This shows fresh taste with a little sparkle to boot. This is the affordable Onice Mirror by Ren-Wil.

All sunburst mirrors do not have to be gold. This mirror allows the homeowner to pull in an array of unlike patterns, colors and textures to still pull off a cohesive look. This is the Starburst Wall Mirror from Crate and Barrel.

Last but certainly not least is this stunner. Notice how the orange pillow pulls in the mirror for the perfect punch. This room is trendy while establishing a comforting, homey feel. This is the Sunburst on the Scene Mirror by Wisteria.

OK, so maybe you just can’t get enough of these sunshine doozeys (there is no shame, I also have the same problem). Why not devote a wall to watch them flourish? If you’re feeling really inspired, create a gallery effect like the ones here on Etsy by SamjenArts.

We have covered metallics and terrariums. Stay tuned for part II of the sunburst mirror where we continue our awkward analogy.



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