Statement Stunners That Are Here to Stay in 2015: Terrariums

It is no secret that New York City does not have much to offer in terms of nature. Yes, human nature you can drink more than your fill: the bickering elderly you pass by, being told “how it is” in the most animated of accents and many chips on many shoulders. Personally, it cracks me up. However, it does not appease my yearning for the great outdoors.

Before New York, I hiked constantly and engaged in those high adventure activities like rock climbing and white water rafting. Now, I can see about 5 trees from my apartment windows against a backdrop of brick, stone and cement (sigh).

Last week, I found myself wandering through Prospect Park, my little earthly haven, and placed my hand on my favorite tree, one of those really old, barky buggers (I know things just got weird). I was innocently trying to ingest those revitalizing earthly vibes. Don’t worry, I recognized that this little act violated social norms especially due to the puzzled looks of passersby.

However, my tale of woe brings us to the # 2 statement stunner: Terrariums. And, because I care, all terrariums listed are less than $69 (with 2/3’s being under $30). 

These little miniature glass gardens have allowed me to add a little more shire-like environment back into my life. Terrariums pay homage to nature and would indeed make a perfect home for the children in Honey I Shrunk the Kids (or is that just me). Add some greenery and oxygenate your area with low maintenance succulents, cacti or if you’re about no maintenance, try seashells.

Follow these steps to get your very own terrarium:

Step 1: Choose your location

This is a vital part to the terrarium process. Where are you displaying this glass garden? Make sure your chosen destination receives plenty of light. Here we must also analyze your objectives:

  • Is your terrarium going to hang?
  • Will you have multiple terrariums?
  • Will it become a show-stopping focal point?
  • Do you want to display this decorative accessory on a shelf or table surface?

Decide what the ideal spot would be to introduce a little greenery to your life.

Step 2: Choose the vessel

This is one of the best steps. Let us explore some ideas and many lovely photos to inspire you:

  • Multiple Hanging Terrariums: Hanging these glass orbs is the best way to draw focus to your favorite areas or furniture. Hang them over a kitchen table, string them over a cool bar or even add some greenery over your bathtub.

Over the tub:

This is the Hanging Teardrop Rope Terrarium which comes in all shapes and sizes. Nothing invokes a relaxing spa vibe more than mixing porcelain with some lush vegetation. WARNING: exercise caution if you do choose to recreate this look. You don’t want to be chilling in a tub of water knocked unconscious by one of these glass puppies…

Over your nook:

Bring some environment-inspired comfort to that cozy alcove you always wanted to escape everyone and read. You can find these hanging geometric terrariums and many other variations on Etsy.


Find an assortment of sizes and shapes if you are considering displaying multiple terrariums outdoors or having that random, whimsical garden or tea party. Find these open glass orbs and other interesting shapes at Hooks and Lattice.

Over the table:


String up multiple orbs in an interesting arrangement like this photo for max impact. These Hanging Glass Terrariums are from CB2.

  • The Cleverly Concocted Terrarium: Who says you need a proper “terrarium” to make a terrarium. There is a wide range of glass vessels that will do just fine.

The Apothecary Jar: 


With an all black and white theme, the terrarium serves as the ideal accent bringing in a world of color and matching personality. Find the similar Round Apothecary Jar from World Market or the assortment of Classic Glass Apothecary Jars from Pottery Barn.


This dining room is nailing the greenhouse chic vibe. Find similar objects like World Market’s Apothecary Jars.


The Cloche:


Place terrariums on decorative trays or baskets paired with other planters or lanterns like in the example above. Check out the Glass Cloche Terrarium here in all sizes from Koch & Co.


The Glass Vase: 


Choose any clear glass vase that gets you going with a wide enough rim to attend to your little life forces. Check out the Victoria Vase, use a Cylinder Vase or Square Vase.


Display Boxes:


Yes, you pass these in cool store displays holding untouchable jewelry, but admit it, you always kinda wanted one. This is your excuse. This is Arterior’s Fuller Glass Document Box, but find the much cheaper West Elm’s Glass Shadow Boxes, upright Display Box Terrariums or the very unique Nesting Trinket Boxes.


  • The Ninja Terrarium: Want to stealthily incorporate your plant life? Try a more subtle approach by pairing these with other decorative objects, in muted colors or in mysterious places.
A terrarium in an outdoor living room, how appropriate. Find the similar Wide Terrarium or Round Glass Terrarium from World Market to get the look.


Just by using sand, this terrarium is camouflaged in this wonderland of tans. Check out this nifty Marimo Fishbowl Terrarium (all materials included). If you want a fish, that is up to you.


Where is the terrarium you ask? It’s hiding on the bookshelf (crazy, I know). These are West Elm’s Faceted Terrariums. I own the gold ones and I can’t stop looking at them.
 Terrarium outdoor
Another photo of the Faceted Terrarium because I couldn’t help myself.
Step 3: Get the “one”
I hope you have now found the one if you have terrariums on the brain. Now pour a glass of wine and dive in with succulents, cactus or shells and decorate your little green abode. For steps on how to create your own glass garden click here.
Breath in that nature my friends.
We have covered Metallic Accessories and Terrariums as 2015’s persisting Statement Stunners. Next up: The Sunburst Mirror. This last but not least dazzler will have to be a two parter.
Stay saucy,


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