Statement Stunners That Are Here to Stay in 2015: Metallic Accessories

Remember Dug, the lovable, talking dog from Pixar’s Up and his complete abandonment of all present surroundings to an intense state of preoccupation anytime he thought a squirrel was lurking nearby? Metallic accessories are my squirrels.

It makes no difference if I am wandering through a home store or the streets of New York, I see something shiny and am instantly jarred (the sound of screeching brakes would be appropriate if my life were a soundtrack) and must halt to investigate. The saddest part is that this is not an exaggeration. I’m really not a fun person to walk with…

I hope to grease your brain wheels on how to incorporate these dazzlers in a variety of cost conscious ways. In honor of new beginnings, with January here and the launch of this blog *cue trumpets,* our exploration of persisting panache in 2015 shall commence.

Whether you are considering a complete style overhaul or just a simple spritz to refresh your space and some ideas on where to start, there are 3 loud statement pieces that #can’tstop #won’tstop in this new year. I will be devoting posts to each (because they deserve it). On to #1: Metallic Accessories.

fw14coverThese glam pieces exploded onto the scene like plummeting comets from the cosmos and they mean business. And I say without shame (maybe a little shame), that I love them, I really do. Just to catch the glimmer of gold or silver from my eye kind of excites me. If you also want to be weirdly invigorated, revolutionize your space by melding metallics with your style.

Decorative accessories are a great way to dip your toe into the watery metallic abyss. Through vases, canisters or crafty accessories, these pieces will shine throughout your space creating that luxe look. You know, that look that you kind of hate to admit you like in Reality shows, just like you hate to admit that you like Reality TV in general. Scatter these glittering beacons on bookcases, consoles and occasion tables (that, I guess, is what they are calling coffee tables and end tables now) creating a cohesive theme. Here are some of my favorites (you may judge) all for under $100:

Vases: Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? They just make everything look prettier which I have learned on my discovery of girlhood. All these vessels are under $50:

ai-bud-vases miami-vase-120525291 Gold Mint Julepverona-votive-cup-146712622aplaza-vase-26h-120375571drop-vases

From left to right: CB2’s Ai bud Vases, Z Gallerie’s Miami Vases, Gold Mint Julep Cups which can be used as a vase like the cover photo (I store the colored pencils I use 3 times a year in mine above my desk), Z Gallerie’s Verona Votive Cups which can be used as planters, Z Gallerie’s Plaza Vases and CB2’s unique Drop Vases.

Objects: Decorative objects: so delightful and yet so functional. All of these accessories are under $100:


alexa-canister-160476735 Gold Magnets greek-key-table-clock-187046634 StarSculpture Journal





From left to right: Z Gallerie’s Alexa Canisters (shown above), West Elm’s Star Sculptures, Polaroid Fridge Magnets, Z Gallerie’s Greek Key Table Clock and World Market’s Gold Metallic Leather Journal.

Bowls: Who says bowls are just for the dining rooms y’all? These pieces can be actually cool and the centerpieces of kitchen tables (like that excuse to store fruit that no one eats), coffee tables or bookshelves. All of these bowls are under $80:

mandarinmontecito sequoia-plate-160136903 jupiter-bowl-160042457








From left to right: Z Gallerie’s Branch Bowl (pictured above), Jupiter Bowl and Sequoia Plate.

Candleholders:  Who doesn’t love candles or upping the ambiance in your space? All of these flickering beauties are under $60:


branch-hurricane-147708861 Rustic TapersMercury Pattern VotivesPierced Lanterns


From left to right: Z Gallerie’s Casablanca Lanterns (pictured above) and Branch Hurricanes, West Elm’s Pierced Metal LanternsRustic Cast Aluminum Tapers and Mercury Pattern Votives.

Frames: The ideal decorative accessory: finally something with an excuse to be on display since it holds your paper sentiments. All of these are under $45:


Dot Frame empress-frame-080070324 martin-frame-080313959 plexus-frame-080156995










Clockwise: One Kings Lane’s Dot Frame and Z Gallerie’s Empress Frame (which also comes in orange and white), Plexus Frame and Martin Frame.

If you choose to pull the trigger on any of these, you will always look at it and think of me, sorry.

So maybe you don’t have my metallic obsession? I will be covering the #2 and #3 statement stunners next. Spoiler alert: #2 is terrariums.

Stay saucy,



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